The Hope Spirit Box-Pro, a comprehensive program designed for advanced spirit communication. Never before in the history of Instrumental Trans-Communication has a tool such as the HSB-Pro been offered to the public for the purposes of afterlife research.


How a traditional spirit box works- Normally a traditional spirit box is a radio that scans AM/FM stations at a fast rate. Bits of sound come through the radio and it’s those bits of sound a spirit can use to form their own responses. This type of spirit box is somewhat effective as spirits can use it to push through short, direct responses. But because the spirit box is scanning AM/FM stations, full words from the radio broadcasts can still bleed through at times which can cause false positives. This is also the issue with most spirit communication apps as well. Sound banks with full words and phrases are utilized causing the same issue.

How the HOPE Spirit Box-Pro is different- The HSB-Pro has over 20 different wordless sound banks that contain slowed, reversed, chopped up human speech. This allows the researcher to utilize human speech just as the traditional radio spirit box does, but without the chance of receiving false positives. With the HSB-Pro, reverb (echo) is applied to the raw wordless sound which elongates the sound wave giving the spirit more to work with when forming their own responses. When they don’t use it, only gibberish will come out. This way it is impossible for a formed word or phrase to come through the box unless spirit is using it.


All the features and functions that separate the HSB-Pro from any other ITC tool-

  1. An easy-to-navigate interface allowing for stress-free use
  2. Three separate Spirit Boxes to use, HSB-Radio, HSB-Pro & HSB-Origin
  3. Ability to upload personal MP3’s and convert them into wordless sound banks
  4. Ability to record responses and export captioned video clips from the review & editing suite
  5. Secure file storage for recordings
  6. Access to the HOPE Spirit Box community page to share evidence
  7. The ability to upload recordings from the HSB1 App for review and captioning (coming soon)
  8. Tips and exercises to improve connectivity and efficiency in using the program, plus much more.

Sign up to use the HOPE Spirit Box Pro! The cost of a monthly membership is only $4.99