The chance to connect to the spirit realm is offered to just about anyone but many associate the paranormal with fear instead of opportunity. There are sensitive people in this world, people such as myself that when they tune in to a person or energy, they can perceive information they didn’t previously know. For some, the journey into speaking to spirits starts with an emotional trauma, then there are others that are just born with it, but refuse to accept it.

I am someone who has this gift but it came later in life. I come from a loving family. My mom would always make sure we had clean clothes on our backs and hot food on the table, and dad taught us good morals and values. But those didn’t stop me on my path to becoming a drug addict facing life in prison.

Because of an empathic sensitivity that I did not understand, I felt isolated and alone which pushed me into becoming the opposite of who I longed to be. I got into fights, got expelled from school and became heavily addicted to drugs. The best way to put it, I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.

This is when my first and most vivid spiritual experience happened. Here is a snippet of my book, where I describe it all in detail:

Finding Hope In The Afterlife

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“What I’m about to share with you is so crazy; I’ve had to sit and fully recount the whole experience many times because of how unbelievable it is. This small woman walked over from the candles and kneeled in the pew next to me. At this point, I was fully able to contain my crying and just kneeled there with my head down. I then felt a gentle touch on my shoulder, and a soft voice say, Would you like to confess your sins to me? I looked up at this woman and just immediately burst out crying even harder than I was before if that was even possible.”

My book Finding Hope In The Afterlife is based on my own personal experiences, as well as afterlife research. My findings will challenge mainstream beliefs at times and confirm others. Regardless of what you believe in regarding life after death, my book will offer a very real look at the other side.

If you want to learn more, then click the link below to get a copy of my book, and start following my journey on YouTube!

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