Book A Session with Joshua

Joshua offers one-on-one services including Intuitive Psychic Readings and HOPE Spirit Box Sessions.

Intuitive Psychic Reading

30 Minutes: $95
60 Minutes: $145

Book an intuitive psychic reading from Josh. This reading can be used to gain peace of mind by focusing on your life’s relationships, challenges, decisions, and inspirations. If you are seeking closure caused by the death of a loved one, Josh will attempt to communicate with that person.

HOPE Spirit Box Session

20 Minutes: $175

A focused HOPE Spirit Box session conducted by Josh to reach your deceased loved one. You will be asked to follow a short guided meditation before the session begins. You will also receivie a private Zoom link for your scheduled appointment time. Once the session is complete, Josh will take up to 7 business days to review and caption the session responses. Once the video is done, Josh will send you a private Vimeo link to view and download your session.

HSB-1 Personal Session Review


Email up to (5) recordings (30 second max duration per audio file). After watching a brief tutorial video and following a short guided meditation, you can record up to 5 recordings using the HSB1 and email them directly to Josh. Josh will review and caption. You will receive a short captioned video within 5 business days.