The HOPE Afterlife Experience | Savannah, GA | February 2023

The 3rd H.O.P.E. Afterlife Experience will take place in Savannah, GA on February 10th & 11th, 2023.

Join me for what will be yet another amazing H.O.P.E. Afterlife Event as we take on Historic Savannah, GA. The first two events in St Augustine, FL and New Orleans, LA were powerful and moving experiences for everyone in attendance. Now it’s time to head to Georgia.


H.O.P.E. Afterlife Experience - Savannah, GA - Feb 10th & 11th

Here is a list of the individual events…

Paranormal Investigation of the Savannah Historic Theater​

Afterlife Presentation with Hands-On Workshop​

Gallery Group Session​

The Hampton Inn & Suites in the Historic District will be where two of the three individual events will take place throughout the weekend. A special discounted rate has been secured in advance for any attendees wishing to reserve a room. Up to 20 Full-Weekend and Individual Event Passes are available for purchase.

The first individual event on Feb 10th will be a Paranormal Investigation conducted at the Savannah Historic Theatre. This theatre which was featured on the Travel Channel’s Portal to Hell with Jack Osborne is certainly rich in history and proven to be a real hot spot. This investigation will be held from 10:30pm-1:30am and is located close to the Hampton Inn & suites. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own equipment or will have an opportunity to experiment with some of equipment provided. All attendees will receive a private link to a captioned video of the investigation about a week after the event. 

The second individual event on Feb 11th will be a 60 min presentation where I discuss aspects of spirit communication, the afterlife and show a number of powerful visual and audible examples of evidence. I will also offer a hands-on workshop afterwards where attendees will be able to test their abilities as well as try and capture spirit photography using a number of ITC techniques. This event will be held at the Hampton Inn in the conference room from 12:30pm-2pm.

The third individual event also on Feb 11th will be a Gallery Group Session where I reach out to each attendees deceased loved ones. These sessions are very special as each person is able to come up and sit next to me along with box and invite their loved one to join us. The session will be held at the Hampton Inn from 8pm-10pm and will conclude the HOPE Afterlife experience. All attendees will receive a private video link to the captioned session about a week after the event.

Being that the Hampton Inn & Suites is located in the Historic District, whether attendees have purchased a Weekend-Pass, an Individual Event Pass or are staying at the hotel, they will have the opportunity to explore the downtown area in between events on Saturday. Attendees have the option of booking one or two nights under the discounted rate. Saturday night the full event ends after the Gallery Group Session but people wanting to see more of Savannah on Sunday will be able be able to book both Friday and Saturday nights. Free Breakfast and Parking are included.

Book A Discounted Room at The Hampton Inn & Suites, Savannah Historic District

"Being able to successfully communicate with spirit over the last decade has been something beyond my wildest dreams. Now, through these live events, being able to share what I do with all of you in a live setting has been nothing of short of amazing. I look forward to connecting with everyone in attendance in February. See you in Savannah!"

Check Out Photos From Our New Orleans Event

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