A Reality Check About Paranormal & ITC Research

In this post, I discuss the extreme difficulties of being an afterlife researcher & spirit communicator.

Important things that need to be said about the Paranormal and Instrumental Trans-Communication

Over eleven years ago as a naive but earnest seeker, I embarked on the journey of researching the paranormal. I brought basic tools such as a voice recorder and a PSB7 spirit box out to cemeteries and abandoned buildings and started capturing real evidence of an afterlife. I was hooked. I was so excited with what I was finding I started sharing my findings on a YouTube channel and slowly people started taking notice.

Since then, I have shared over 300+ videos and have amassed over 140k+ plus subscribers. But I must state something important, I’m not a YouTube channel, I have a YouTube channel. There is a distinction there. I have conducted countless sessions reaching out to peoples’ deceased loved ones. I have written a book about my findings, I have worked with a couple of research institutes to prove the work I do. I have worked with a couple of different Ph.D’s who have studied my work and given talks at conferences. I have held live events for people to come and attend in person and capture their own evidence. I have even created a free application for people to use on their own so that they may experience what I have experienced over the last decade. The amount of empirical evidence that has been captured in my work proving paranormal activity, the afterlife and the fact that we can speak to intelligence in another dimension is undeniable and yet there is no shortage of people who just can’t accept it. That’s just the way it goes.

Science can only prove what society is willing to accept. What do I mean by that? Well, regardless of the evidence provided, people won’t let it get in the way of their beliefs. Heck, there are a number of people that still think the world is flat.

In this article, I am gong to touch on a number of topics without using names. I am going to be brutally honest and share my very real thoughts on the state of paranormal research, Instrumental Trans-Communication and Intuitive development. People that have followed my work for years know how very real I am and how very honest I can be when talking about these matters. For people that are true non-believers and extreme skeptics, nothing I say will make a difference but that doesn’t make what I do any less real. My hope for them is that one day they are shown the truth in a way they can accept it.

Fakes and Frauds

As I’ve stated in my book Finding Hope In the Afterlife, there are no shortage of fakes and frauds doing this work. Over the last decade, I have outed many who have defrauded people and taken advantage of people preying on their good nature and vulnerabilities. In fact, many times I have thought about starting a debunking channel (just wait, I will talk about debunkers) but have decided I don’t feel like spending my time fighting with people. But let me state now, someone who fakes the paranormal, intuitive sessions or anything in between is evil. Plain and simple. They are a cancer that continues to corrode and taint the very genuine work people such as myself do. Unfortunately they will always be there. Ever since the mid-1800’s when the great spiritualist movement started, there they were. Back when I was developing my own intuitive ability, I outed a popular minister at a spiritualist church and it was a blow to the parishioners. A few years ago, a popular YouTuber who now has over 300k subscribers and has ITC in his name, I outed as a fake because of evidence he revealed in a conversation we had. Afterwards he ended up attacking me with a slanderous hate video and I get it. He was caught red handed and felt the need to do damage control. Still to this day he continues to post his fake sessions and I’m just blown away with how bad they are. Maybe it takes a real spirit-communicator to spot it but more and more people are awakening to the fraud he is. There are also countless channels that post videos that focus on demonic or scary material because people want to be scared. I’m not angry with them because they’re posting content that people want to see, I’m angry that they resort to fakery using fishing line, over dramatics and claims that everything is evil. They use slight-of-hand and deception with cameras to fool viewers into believing their fake evidence. Again this only mucks up the waters for real communicators and researchers but it is what it is. As long as they get the views which they certainly do, nothing will change. The fact is, I get a lot less views because I focus on the positivity of this work and won’t resort to any tactic that is less than honest. I’m ok with whoever finds my work and chooses to follow it. I will state this again in case anyone missed it. Anyone who fakes this work is evil and is lost. My hope for them is they eventually see the error of their ways.


It used to be there were a few debunkers out there trying to keep these types of people honest. But since more and more channels have popped up resorting to tactics I just mentioned, there are more and more debunkers out there. Now I would say that the idea of trying to debunk certain questionable paranormal or intuitive evidence is a good thing, which it is, but it has now evolved into a competitive, nasty and dishonest faction. I have watched some of these so called “debunkers” turn into slanderous, arrogant assholes who act like they are the “friend of the commoner” but actually think of themselves as elite geniuses. Many have resorted to lying about their targets and making slanderous statements based on nothing but their opinions. They compete with one another to outdo the next for views. The very thing they have accused the fakes of doing they are now doing themselves and it has bred another dishonest community. Viewers that will never believe in anything of a paranormal or intuitive nature find these debunking channels to feed their insatiable appetites of hate. I of course have been the target at times being called a charlatan, a fraud, a fake and like an idiot, I’ve tried to have normal discourse with them. It has always backfired in my face because the truth is, there is nothing I can show them or tell them that will change their minds. I have offered to speak to them via zoom, publicly or even privately and most will not take me up on my offer. In some rare cases when they have, it’s a trick where they stoop to lowly levels and use dishonest means to try and twist my words. One so called debunker who wears a mask to hide his identity, claimed he debunked me where he proceeded to repeat exactly what I already share with people regarding my methods for communication. The only difference is he tried twisting it and still ended up proving nothing. The only thing a debunker can say about my work is that they don’t agree with my techniques. They can give their opinions but none of it is rooted in fact. The fact is, what I do I can do anywhere, anytime with anyone. I don’t have any proprietary method that is only relegated to just me. In fact I give people the very tools I use for free and explain my methods, techniques and sound sources. Something very few people actually do. I’ve always said, if a skeptic is honest and respectful, I will sit and talk with them for hours showing everything that I do. But if someone resorts to name calling, hateful speech and spite, I will just block such rhetoric. But I will continue to put myself out there in hopes one day an honest skeptic will be willing to look into the very real work I do. There have been a few and we’ve made progress. But I see the debunking community becoming more toxic which is a shame as I feel debunking is needed. 

Celebrity Sessions

Many people have a quite a few different opinions on sessions such as these. In addition to asking for regular people’s loved ones on a regular basis, I thoroughly enjoy asking for well-known people. The majority of the sessions I do are for every day people and in these sessions I capture real, verifiable and detailed information. Just ask any of the thousands of people that have asked me to conduct sessions for them. The evidence is undeniable. But I also love asking for actors, singers, and other high profile people. Some of the greatest connections I’ve made were when asking for such people. Can I say with 100% certainty that I have reached those said people? Of course not. Unless the souls themselves are able to hand me their driver’s license through the equipment, I can’t say for sure it is them. But as a trained medium, I connect with them the best I can and then invite them to come through the equipment and speak. The responses I normally capture are very indicative of what these people might say. I share the sessions and it’s up to the viewers to decide whether they feel I’ve connected with that soul or not. My belief is that I am connecting with the actual soul. Some might ask, “but Josh, why would this well-known person who you’ve never met connect with a regular guy like you”? My guess is that as a medium I ask for them and they have the choice to come through or not. My other guess is, that because I’m one of the few that legitimately does this work, maybe, just maybe they want to take this rare opportunity to be heard in such a unique way. Like I said, some of the greatest ITC sessions I’ve ever done have been when asking for well-known people or high-profile cases. One perfect example that skeptics love to overlook, are the sessions I did when asking for Gabrielle Petito. There isn’t a better set of sessions that definitively prove my work and abilities as those sessions there. Before Gabby’s body was even found, I intuitively channeled exactly what was written in Gabby’s boyfriend Brian’s journal which wasn’t found until months after the channeling. I then did sessions with Gabby where factual information about her death was brought through months before autopsy details were released by authorities. All of this has been posted and documented on the channel with dates for any skeptic to go back and reference. But this goes against their belief system and it creates something called cognitive dissonance. That is where two opposing thoughts can’t exist in the same space. So they just ignore the evidence.

Another question some may ask, “why ask for them shortly after their passing? Why not wait until months after their death”? My answer to them is because I feel a better connection is made and clearly more people will have a chance to see the sessions if it’s done sooner. I put a lot of time, energy and work into asking for these people and if in fact they are coming through, they are putting forth their energy in to speaking and want to be heard. Why would I want less people to see the sessions? I want more and more people to be made aware of the work I’m doing with love and respect. The fact is, people that hate this work and don’t believe in it, are going to find a way to attack everything someone like me does no matter what. They are always going to try and put a negative spin on it and there’s nothing I can do about it. Unfortunately there are content creators as I’ve mentioned who are dishonest and are only looking for views and don’t care what they are putting out. This hurts the real work being done. 

Apps and Equipment

Today more than ever there is a plethora of ways to connect with spirit. Let’s discuss some of the effective and ineffective tools one can use. We have digital voice recorders and they are still one of the most effective ways to capture EVP. Of course all know about the radio scan spirit boxes which plenty of people know to be effective. To the skeptic they argue it’s too interpretational, or random. But when someone asks a direct question and receives a direct, clear answer, it’s hard to argue with that. Yet plenty still contest it. Ok moving on. We all know of a man who created a variation of that spirit box using guitar amps and pedals. Whether you hate him or love him, I believe he is a brilliant man. Recently it has come to my attention that his work has been discovered and possibly funded by a serious group of researchers. Let me say this now, if there is someone out there who deserves for his work to be studied or possibly funded, it is his. Despite our personal differences him and I have, I firmly believe his work should be recognized. So I say good for him on receiving that wonderful opportunity. Hopefully it yields real results that will help shut the skeptics up and push ITC forward as a whole. Like I said before, even if his findings are published in a scientific journal, the skeptics won’t accept it. I understand the skepticism surrounding this figure because of some of the examples circulating out there where people think he’s been proven to be a fake. My take is that those examples were where he was not being thorough in properly reviewing his evidence and believe me, he has paid the price for it dearly. But I personally have used equipment that he has created and I’ve captured real results time and time again. So just because he made mistakes in the past, I don’t believe that should discredit all of his findings. All of my methods are explainable and shown in my videos and anyone can do them. That’s important. When an ITC channel doesn’t show their techniques, methods, how their equipment works, their sound sources, heck even their face, that is problematic and indicative of someone who has something to hide. I’d say watch out for those people.

When it comes to apps, in my opinion 99% of the apps out there are for entertainment purposes only and are designed to give false positives and results to keep you using them. That doesn’t mean a spirit can’t ever use it but if they do, it’s hard to tell because of the shady way the app is set up. Recently it was announced that a new app is set to come out which is being created by a set of app developers who have created a number of other paranormal apps that have been released. It is said that it uses no words, no sounds, no AI and no reverse speech (which isn’t bad at all). Im actually excited about the potential of this app and look forward to trying it. The problem with said app is that we have to take the developers word on what’s in it, or not in it. To me it sounds too good to be true and I unfortunately can’t take anyone’s word on face value anymore. Too many have let me down and it’s hard to trust anyone in this field of research. I could tell you stories of other researchers even other well-known institutes that would make your head spin. So what I would say to those two developers creating this new app is, I challenge you to find a way to make the app more transparent. Find a way to make it easy for us to verify what you’re telling us when it comes to what’s “not” in it. Until that happens I will not be able to trust that app or any other app out there. But I have hope, maybe someone listens to me.

Now I created a free app called the Hope Spirit Box app. This is a very transparent app and I’ll tell you why. One, it’s free for everyone to use and gives everyone a chance to test with it. Two, it uses sound-banks that consist of reversed human speech that has been slowed down by 50%, chopped up into small increments and then randomly rearranged. It has no words and is pure gibberish. What’s great about it is, anyone can test this out to see this for themselves. All you have to do is choose a sound-bank, turn off the reverb, and open the gate and leave it open. You will then hear the sound source for yourself. You will hear it has no words and it doesn’t use any internet or AI of any kind. The theory is, spirit will take the gibberish sound and form their own speech, which they do. With close to 50,000 active users, thousands of people have used it and have sent me their recordings with clear responses to their questions. Now that’s what I call an effective ITC tool. I will be working with my developer to continue to improve upon it as well.

Religious People and Naysayers

For as long as I’ve done this work, I’ve had religious types and naysayers attacking what I do. In my book I go into all the evidence showing how parts of the bible were misinterpreted and misunderstood regarding this work. But to save you all time, I will leave this bible verse explaining that in the new testament, Paul explains that these intuitive gifts to speak to spirit are to help others and are gifts from God. Plain and simple. 1Corinthians 12:4-11.

Many have said to me, you’re only speaking to demons who are pretending to be people’s loved ones, that it’s an abomination to God. My answer to them is not true at all. For over a decade now I have captured thousands of responses talking about love, light and mentioning a loving God. The messages have been encouraging and positive, those are not demons. Demons have not been playing the long game for me to love other people, help people, and trust in God only to swoop in later. This is spiritual and scientific and when people are ready to accept that, they will see a brighter side to life instead of living in fear. Now can a negative soul come through ever? Yes of course they can and they have. But it’s been exactly that. A negative soul that was once a person and they let you know they’re negative. But there is no need for us to fear it or continue to communicate with it. We are more powerful than that and my hope is more people come to realize that.

The truth is, our loved ones are ok on the other side and they love us. That was never more apparent when a follower of mine named Cimberly told me she was dying of cancer and asked me to reach her on the other side for her husband Chris when she passed. When she passed Chris reached out to me and we did a session. I captured beautiful responses of her being in the light and being ok. He was ecstatic but expressed some doubt it was her. He asked me if we could ask a validating question. I told him yes and he gave me one word, “muskrat”. Without knowing what that meant I went back and in session and asked her what the meaning of that term was. She said through the box that “it was in the back of the head”, that Chris had to shave her head. When I sent that to him, he responded back that it was a perfect answer. Towards the end of her life she was bed ridden. This caused her hair in the back of her head to become matted and they had to shave her head. Because of that he would call her his little muskrat. This was something very personal between them. Another great example, Nancy, another follower, asked her father what her nickname was as a kid.  Her father came through and said “little miss Nancy” to which she heard in real time and knew it was him. There are thousands of those examples and those responses were always accompanied by other messages of love. This work has not preyed upon people’s grief, it’s transformed their lives. This work has not defrauded them, it’s helped them and the only thing hurting it is the extreme skepticism and hate people cause by attacking real communicators such as myself. The evidence is there if people are willing to look at it and be open to it.

In Summation

This brings me back to my original statement I made in the beginning of this article. Science is only able to prove what society is willing to accept. Unfortunately this work is still ahead of it’s time as 90% of the people that come in contact with it scoff at it, or sling hate towards it. And here I am day in and day out taking it, making a fraction of the money I could be making at a regular job, to show people the truth. I deal with people that wear masks and side-eyed looking fools, people that hide their faces behind cameras, and other fraudsters so that I can show what I capture. I deal with arrogant and sanctimonious people who think they’re right despite the audible and clear visual evidence that proves the very existence of an afterlife. I deal with 90% of society that chooses to hurl hate just so I can show the 10% that is willing to open their eyes to the truth. Even though there are those factors I have to contend with, I do it for the people like Chris and Nancy. I do it for souls on the other side that want to be heard. I do it because I love this work and feel very blessed I get to do it.

If you have come to believe then I say thank you for the support, and if you haven’t yet I say keep seeking. The truth is out there for you when you’re ready for it

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