PSI Fest 2023 | Charlottesville, VA | August 2023

PSI Fest 2023 is taking place in Charlottesville, VA on August 10-13

Join me for what will be a very important event. The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) and the Monroe Institute have teamed up to put together an amazing conference with PSI Fest 2023. Among the many gifted people that will be presenting at the conference, I will be there as well sharing some of the remarkable ITC evidence I've captured recently. I will also be leading a group of 30 people through a paranormal investigation at The Exchange Hotel, Civil War Museum. Tickets to the conference and investigation can be purchased below. Make sure to use the code Josh10 to save 10%

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I will be presenting and investigating on Saturday August 12th

I will be presenting at the conference on Saturday Aug 12th from 3-3:45pm. There I will be talking about the work I’ve done in the Instrumental Trans-Communication field. I will also be presenting the findings of an experiment that was conducted with Debra Lynne Katz, PhD, president of IRVA. This experiment consisted of reaching out to deceased remote viewers using ITC equipment. Purchasing a conference pass or day pass will allow you to hear the speakers and partake in other activities. 

I will be investigating The Exchange Hotel, Civil War Museum in Gordonsville, VA on Saturday Aug 12th from 8:30-Midnight. This event is sold through the conference website but is separate from admission into the conference. I will be leading a group of 30 people through an investigation of the 3 separate locations on the grounds, after we’ve been given a tour of the facility. I will have traditional spirit boxes, digital voice recorders and other effective paranormal tools. 

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