Powerful LIVE Spirit Box Session: Everyone Receives Messages from Deceased Loved Ones

At the end of August 2021 I held my first Live HOPE Event in St Augustine. There attendees were able to take part in an investigation one night, attend my 2 hours presentation another night and then on the last day, participate in the LIVE group session to reach deceased loved ones. That session was one of the most powerful sessions I've ever conducted due to the fact that people were actually there with me. Everyone in attendance received powerful validations from their loved ones with some even capturing visual proof with their own phones. My next events are currently being planned for New Orleans, Savannah and Key West.

Video Transcript

Caption: St. Augustine, FL

Caption: August 29th 2021

Caption: HOPE Afterlife Experience

Caption: Presented By Joshua Louis

Caption: Conducting my first Live Group Session…

Joshua Louis: Our first live HOPE event afterlife experience group session. Inviting the guides to be here as I said, we’re going to begin, I’m going to call up the first person…

Response: they call to you

Joshua Louis: So this is going to be a closed off room though okay only the loved ones…

Response: [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: So there is, of course, no one… I’m, I respect all other souls and spirits but we do not we’re not allowing any other random spirits coming in to interfere with the session or be heard. This is just for the loved ones here.

Response: absolutely

Joshua Louis: Bruce, I’m going to have you start first and then I’m going to have you come sit with me here. Angie, I’m going to have you sit down please with us. Bruce is here. We’ve heard you talk about that This better work when you’re here that you’re excited.

Caption: Asking for Bruce’s wife

Caption: July 2021

Joshua Louis: Bruce is going to be he’s coming to St Augustine and I would love to communicate with you when you’re when when when Bruce is there and you know in person anything that you want to say to Bruce now?

Response: when I’m with him…

Response: there…

Response: …it better work

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: so we try it

Joshua Louis: And you’ve come through many times I got to see you for the first time in a picture last night and it looked like he actually came through in the water…

Joshua Louis: Angie, are you here with us? Can you can you use this?

Response: Yes

Joshua Louis: He knows that you’re alive on the other side he knows you’re very strong on the other side what would it what what would you like to tell him?

Response: get this message.. I surround..

Group Member: Do you enjoy working with Josh and the box?

Response: yes..

Response: …he is nice

Group Member: I enjoy hearing from you with through Josh and through my box at home. But if at any time you need to move forward to progress that’s that’s okay. But if not you stay around as long as you want.

Response: they love

Joshua Louis & Group Member: “They love”

Caption: (someone coughing)

Response: coughing…

Group Member: Alright…

Joshua Louis: “Who is that coughing?” … That’s what I though I heard! [laughing]

Group Member: That’s Adrian…

Joshua Louis: That’s what I thought I heard…

Group Member: That’s what it sounded like

Joshua Louis: Angie, you’re making us laugh. You always made us laugh. Very grateful for you. So thank you, okay, Angie?

Response: they like me

Joshua Louis: All right. So I’m inviting Betty. Mother to Chris and Andrea. I’m inviting you to sit here with us Betty, please sit here with us. Okay? Chris ask her specific questions

Group Member: Are the cosmos like I thought they were like we talked about?

Response: let’s me out of this

Response: shed this…

Response: …landscape

Joshua Louis: What is the most important thing that you want to say to your children?

Response: Love is a lot

Response: with.. my animal

Response: it’s ok

Group Member: I just heard her suffering and I want to make sure she’s starting to watch you suffer

Response: emotion…

Response: …is what I see

Joshua Louis: “Emotions what I see”… they’re seeing the emotions like that’s I’ve heard that before it’s like almost like if that’s right that if that’s what I heard and hearing in real time I could be wrong and I’ll correct it in the captions but they see emotion, they see the as it as as energy.

Group Member: Hi, Mom. I hope that you’re somewhere happy, and you’re better than you’re here. I love you.

Response: I like it…

Response: safe here

Response: Saturday night we swooshed it

Caption: Chris and I taking pictures using water ITC

Joshua Louis: Alright Betty, thank you. I love you. Thank you, Betty.

Caption: taken on Saturday night [photo of person compared with ITC photo]

Joshua Louis: Grateful that you were here today. Happy birthday. When you’re ready.

Group Member: I feel you following me I just want to verify if you’re here and if you could, if you are can you speaking in English?

Response: it’s important

Response: Adrian

Response: you wish to see me

Joshua Louis: “Nice to see” something…

Response: we’re watching

Joshua Louis: What is it that you would like to say to your great nephew? What was the be the most important, if he feels you following him, and I’m sure that’s correct, like there’s not any reason to doubt that… What would be the most important thing you want to tell them?

Response: baby is going to come

Response: share.. intuition

Joshua Louis: When when your son does these things and he goes and investigates and he goes out there he does cases or whatever it is that he’s doing regarding the paranormal, are you around him? Are you seeing what he’s experiencing and going through? Do you see that?

Response: always

Joshua Louis: “Always”… always. So either we ask you this Do you offer the you help him with protection like do you kind of you know offer light or any kind of do you bring that in I mean a motherly love the connection still with her son is still going to be very strong. So do you do that?

Response: he requested

Group Member: Mom thank you so much for supporting me and being on my side. Even though a lot of times I didn’t deserve it. I love you. Thank you

Response: you should hear us

Response: blessing you

Group Member: Thank you

Joshua Louis: We just raise our hands of… Lord Father, thank you. Thank you, this is not easy work. This is not, this is not easy – this is tough. But we forge on and we know that we have a place with you when all is said and done here. We thank you for the support that you send us – the guides, the angels, your love, your light. Allow light to be here father right now. Lord, Father, thank you for allowing this family to meet all of us. So one big extended soul family to meet here for the first time. The first hope live event went so well. Such a fantastic weekend. Wonderful memories. Thank you, Father. Conclude this wonderful sessions, wonderful weekend. Name the Father the Son Holy Spirit.

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