The HOPE Afterlife Experience Is Coming To New Orleans, LA!

THE HOPE Afterlife Experience

3 Day EVENT | Aug 26th - 28th

Hilton New Orleans on St. Charles Avenue

333 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Passes Are Limited So Don't Wait!

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Event Details

Exactly one year after holding my first ever live event “The HOPE Afterlife Experience” in St. Augustine, FL, I will be holding my second event in New Orleans, LA. On Aug 26-28th I will be in the French Quarter taking a limited group of 20 people through an “on site” investigation of a haunted hotel, giving a presentation/workshop, and conducting a gallery group session to reach attendees deceased loved ones. Hotel packages, Weekend & Day passes available. For details on the event, see the itinerary below.


After a brief meet n greet, a small group of 20 people will enjoy an authentic New Orleans dinner and investigate the Haunted Hotel in the French Quarter with me.


I will give a presentation on the findings of my afterlife research spanning the last decade, and a workshop on spirit photography, the H.O.P.E. Spirit Box (HSB-1) app, and more.


I will use my intuitive ability and equipment to conduct a Gallery Group Session and attempt to reach the deceased loved ones of everyone in attendance.

Check Out Last Year's Event in St. Augustine, Florida


Gallery Group Session

With the first event turning out so special, I have no reason to believe New Orleans will be any different.

Join me Aug 26th-28th for what will surely be a memorable experience.