Building A Community Full Of HOPE

If I would have had someone help me to understand my first spirit encounter, it would’ve helped me greatly. The fact is, even though it was around people I knew, I still felt I was on my own to figure it out. I still remember when and how it happened which is detailed in my book Finding Hope In The Afterlife on page 10 which can be seen in a free sneak peek on Amazon.

The truth is, investigating with someone knowledgeable of the afterlife, and sharing the thrill of communicating with spirits is something everybody should be allowed to experience. Some of us feel more comfortable in the company of others, and spirits are very much this way as well. They have their own personalities and ways to let those traits shine through as they are communicating with you.

Sometimes, they don’t express their emotions as easily as we do. They might scare us or make us feel jittery and worried about ourselves or our loved ones, but many are just lost and need someone to talk to them. Someone who can see, hear and understand them.

This is the reason why I wanted to organize live events with you at my side, the first one of which will be on Aug 27 in St. Augustine, FL, so that we can share this experience, and you can feel supported as you are reaching out to the other side. At a later stage, we will have the chance to come together in New Orleans, LA, Savannah, GA as well as other major US cities.

The first night, a small group of 20 people will be investigating the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse together with me. Day 2 will be a presentation on the findings of my afterlife research spanning 8 years, as well as reviewing the evidence from the night before at the Lighthouse. I will also be giving a short class on how to use the HSB-1 HOPE Spirit Box app. On the third and last day, I will be conducting a gallery group session to reach everyone’s deceased loved ones.

The event will be held at the Courtyard Marriott I-95 which is just a few minutes from historic downtown St. Augustine. Anyone participating in the Lighthouse Spirit Session or Gallery Group Session will be receiving a private video link of the session about a week after the event.

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Josh, the creator of H.O.P.E., is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient as well as a conscious medium. His God given ability is used to help others connect with their spirit guides, angels and of course loved ones for direction and guidance. Josh connects with his own higher beings and ascended masters to bring forth understanding to areas of one’s life that may be cloudy. Using his unique style, Josh incorporates seeing, hearing and feeling what spirit has to give him regarding a message for his clients. Believing in a Higher Power he chooses to call God, Josh uses his ability to help people reach levels in their life never attained before and reconnect with loved ones in a very special way.