Faulty Spirit Communication Apps That Give False Positives

There are many people that want to push you into purchasing an app that is supposed to help you in communicating with spirits. At the start of my journey, I, just like you, was open to try them, as I was looking for better spirit communication.

After trying many spirit communication apps that ended up costing me a small fortune, I was left disappointed.

In 2020, I decided to pursue the idea of developing my own definitive spirit-box app that would never give a false positive. This was the biggest drive behind me creating the HOPE Spirit Box (HSB-1) app for Chrome Desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

So many marketing gurus out there dare to feed off something so close and dear to us as spirit communication that we become vulnerable to their tricks and want to believe them and make things up in our heads. Most of the time though, the calculated heat signatures and responses are pre-programmed to appear at a given point of time with ready-to-wow us specific color, lighting, sound of voice and wording .

But this is not how spiritual communication works. Any paranormal product is just an extension of yourself who wants to connect to a world beyond ours that we cannot truly see. This is why the HSB-1 is so simple, yet so powerful.

If you want to get some real results with an app that connects with you and opens up a portal for real spirit communication between you and the astral world, I give you the HSB-1, HOPE Spirit Box App.

Remember, YOU are what matters. Your conviction and belief is what makes the communication. The app needs to be a functioning program but even with a true app, If it works, it’s based on your connection.

This is why I included a couple of features I know are always important when connecting to the other side: Recording the sessions so you can hear your audio immediately for instant review. Different wordless sound banks consisting of chopped up, reversed and slowed human speech preventing any false positives.

This software application for iOS and Android, has been in development for close to a year and with over 10,000 people trying the beta version released in April 2021.

The HSB-1 is the true definitive spirit box and it’s FREE!

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