Spirit Box Session: Gabby Petito & Summer Wells – REAL Spirit Communication

When it came to trying to help Summer Wells, a missing 5yo little girl and Gabby Petito, the 22yo woman who was murdered, I have gone further than ever before. The connections with these beautiful souls has been life changing for me. My connection alone with Gabby has been nothing like I've ever experienced before. There's so much I could say that I really wouldn't know where to begin. I will say this, even though there is no way to prove I've communicated with Summer and Gabby's actual souls, I truly feel I have connected with them. For anyone finding me for the first time, this is what I do and it is all 100% real.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: Summer… Summer Wells

Response: that was Jesus

Response: don’t bother…

Response: …to prove it

Caption Spoken By Joshua Louis: I am a spirit communicator and afterlife researcher. I’ve been doing this work for close to a decade and, yes, everything I do is 100% real. Anyone faking this work is a disgusting human being. In these sessions I’m asking to speak with summer wells, the missing five year old little girl, and Gabby Petito, the 22 year-old woman murdered in Wyoming. Now even though I have felt some of the strongest connections when asking for either Summer or Gabby, there is no way to prove that I am indeed speaking to their actual souls. Being a practicing psychic medium, it’s important I trust my intuitive connection and my higher power Jesus Christ.

Joshua Louis: September 23rd, early morning after, a little after 1am. And I’m going to ask for my guides… We’re going to ask for Summer Wells and we’re going to ask also for Gabby. Now we’re going to get quiet and just focus on Summer…

Caption Text: (knock)

Joshua Louis: Sounds like a knock on the door. Summer I don’t know where you are.

Response: was coming out

Joshua Louis: Is that you? Just heard a children’s voice and I’m not even playing one. I feel a lot of energy right now. Summer Where are you?

Response: Joshua… you are right

Joshua Louis: I’m right. Summer I haven’t forgotten about you.

Response: to speak

Joshua Louis: There you are.

Response: it stopped raining

Joshua Louis: That’s her, isn’t it? That’s you, sweetheart.

Response: they said to meet him

Joshua Louis: Are you okay? Put her voice on, man. Put her voice on.. Alright… Hold on. Summer, I’m gonna look at your picture.

Caption Spoken By Joshua Louis: What I’m doing is piping raw sound consisting of pure gibberish into my portal. The raw sound mixed with the reverb allows spirits to manipulate the sound and form their own responses.

Joshua Louis: Where are you, Summer?

Response: the world is scary

Joshua Louis: I just heard your voice before. Are you okay right now?

Response: seeing Gabby throw up

Joshua Louis: This is a sound bank from the HSB-1. And I’m just playing it from my phone into the box. I wish there was something more that you can tell me about where you are. What do you see around you?

Response: make.. me remember it

Joshua Louis: When I call for you and I focus on you, does someone, one of the friendly people that are around me, do they come and find you or they do they come and find you?

Response: giving me.. her light

Joshua Louis: Yeah. What is it you’d like to say sweetheart?

Response: here she comes again

Response: this is Gabby

Response: Gabby come close today

Joshua Louis: Okay. Something “say”. I want to help you the last time that we called in angels for you. And you said they were they were from God. Do you see them anymore? Do you? Do you see the angels ever?

Response: they pass

Joshua Louis: They passed? Do you want to see more angels?

Response: I’m not seeing many

Joshua Louis: Do you know how you disappeared? Do you know why you’re not with your family anymore?

Response: they cause trouble

Joshua Louis: I’m going to call in some more angels for you or ask for some more angels for you. Alright?

Response: love me…

Response: ..please

Joshua Louis: Now a lot of the responses i get i don’t hear in real time, which is why I am not able to respond. It takes me to go back and review them. Now I did ask for Gabby after this, and you can see that video in my uploads. I again on another night, asked for summer and Gabby to come through.

Caption Text: September 25th 2021

Joshua Louis: Okay, we’re going to begin here in a moment, I’m going to just warm up in them and ask for Gabby, and Summer both to come through and show themself as a ball of light, if they can show himself in whatever way they can. I feel that Gabby is quicker to come, quicker to be available then Summer. Summer takes a little bit more to go find her or to go call on her. So I’m just going to ask for Summer to come through. So Summer… Summer Wells.

Response: that was Jesus

Response: don’t bother..

Response: …to prove it

Response: peculiar apartment

Response: [inaudible sound]

Joshua Louis: I feel like I saw red door. Like she stays behind a red door.

Response: [inaudible sound]

Joshua Louis: I don’t know. So Summer Wells, I’m inviting you to come in. I keep asking for you. I hope that there’s something that we can do to help you. I love talking to you. Love connecting with you. You have such a beautiful energy. I have your picture over here next to Gabby’s and I’m inviting you to come in. If you can show yourself as a little ball of light or however that you can. So I’m turning on the light inviting you to come…

Response: Summer’s behind the chair

Joshua Louis: …and get ready.

Response: [inaudible sound]

Joshua Louis: Get ready to come and show yourself maybe the guides can help you. So, Summer, are you here my dear?

Response: Gabby is sick

Joshua Louis: Do you have fun doing this at least do you? Do you enjoy trying these things with me?

Response: we sit

Response: came to see

Joshua Louis: “See”… Something “see”. Alright. We’re going to try it right now I’m going to I’m going to start messing with the box and you can kind of play with the water with me, okay?

Response: I have never seen

Joshua Louis: Okay, alright… Let me stop this for a moment.

Joshua Louis Voiceover: Using water ITC about 13 years ago I captured this picture which looks like a baby. Since then I’ve been capturing people’s loved ones and finding photos to match these visuals. And my live event back in August I was able to show people how to do this in person and we captured amazing photos. I did it here and as you can see I capture Gabby, and I found a photo to match up to it. You could see that video in my uploads, but I was not successful in capturing Summer.

Joshua Louis: Alright, Summer. I don’t know if that works but I think it may have… Did you try at least? Can I ask?

Response: I hate this

Joshua Louis: Let me keep asking for you want to try and help you some more, okay?

Response: …hearing us

Joshua Louis: “Helping us”… Something “us”, yeah. I am. You’re always safe here with me are always safe. And God, he asked for Jesus Christ. Jesus, He loves us. He loves us so much. Have you seen Jesus?

Response: see a cat

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: they seem to really like me

Joshua Louis Voiceover: As you can see, my cat is seeing these orbs moving in and around me, even behind the chair. And you can hear from their responses that he seems to like her.

Joshua Louis: Hold on… Sorry. Alright?

Response: pray with me

Joshua Louis: As you can see, these sessions are amazing. They’re so powerful. And I don’t know if I’m fully helping, but it sounds like I am. And I know that I commit to continue to pray for them. Now I will reach out to Gabby over a course of seven days. The connection with her has been intense. It’s been powerful, like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to make sure I could help her.

Caption Text: Oct 1st 2021

Joshua Louis: Gabby, I saw you in meditation today and you seemed upset. Are you still here?

Response: I will.. be there

Joshua Louis: If there’s something I can do to understand you better today or help you today, what would that be?

Response: why did it feel?

Response: like all my shit, back home

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: I feel like throwing up..

Response: …bad feelings

Joshua Louis: Okay, final message for now. I love you. I thank you and you mean the world to me.

Response: you really are a.. special

Response: get…

Response: …to love

Caption Text: later that day…

Joshua Louis: Alright, quick chance to say anything at all… Alright, so Gabby, I get you’re here. I mean, I get that you’re here. Do you want to say anything?

Response: you want me to talk

Joshua Louis: What are you upset about right now?

Response: missing your contact

Joshua Louis: Alright, this is your audio. Just giving you another couple questions on here. Couple chances on here. I’m going to still focus on you and I’m going to still pray with you and I’m going to ask for you. Just to give you that chance I’d rather you say no and not show up if that’s the case then not ask for you.

Response: you’re sweet

Response: you love me

Response: you needed me

Joshua Louis: Let me ask you this… Are you ready to go? Are you ready for more prayers and are you ready to leave and go, go to Heaven.

Response: when I’m going up

Joshua Louis: Alright, final message for now.

Response: miss you

Response: I can’t take it

Joshua Louis: Okay. I’ll ask for you again later. Briefly. I love you and I will connect with you intuitively again. All right. I don’t want you to feel alone.

Response: go watch

Response: …yankee game

Caption Text: Oct 2nd 2021

Joshua Louis: All right, Gabby. You know today I saw you smiling and laughing at times, you know, and it was nice and I feel a lot better today. I feel, I feel a lot better do you feel a lot better today?

Response: yes Josh

Joshua Louis: I’m grateful that you’re still here or coming around. Grateful I get to connect with you. Grateful I get to talk with you and have those, still those feelings and, and get to connect with you intuitively within our own space. Is there anything else you want to say my dear?

Response: all those…

Response: so mad

Response: tired of it

Response: I’m done

Response: clear it up.. nice

Joshua Louis: I’ll ask my guides if they want to, my soul family, if they want to see right now. I’m going to turn this off in a few minutes.

Response: Josh-ua

Joshua Louis: “Joshua”… sounded like my name. I’m very grateful for everyone that has worked on these sessions and done amazing the amazing work. It’s been very draining though, it’s been tough. It’s been very tough.

Response: hold up.. that’s not like you

Joshua Louis: I love you guys. I hope everyone understands.

Response: [inaudible sound]

Joshua Louis: Everyone understands all the things that I was experiencing what I was hearing and not hearing.

Response: it’s very good to always check it

Joshua Louis: I trust in the soul family. And once appointed by Christ, I asked for Christ to always help us. I’m a flawed person. Always looking to improve and be a better person. So I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding – their non-judgement.

Response: you’re always a smart kid

Joshua Louis: Final statement, anyone has anything to say?

Response: there she is…

Response: Gabby

Joshua Louis: Okay, I love you guys. Thank you.

Caption Text: Oct 5th 2021

Joshua Louis: Okay.. so, Gabby, I’m checking in with you today. This is just a brief few minutes. How are you doing today, my dear? How are you?

Response: oh shut up

Response: here just sittin’

Joshua Louis: In meditation today, I brought you with me through this tunnel and it was amazing. Did you experience any of that with me as I’m envisioning it?

Response: it messed you up

Response: it was me

Response: you called so late

Joshua Louis: Where have you been today?

Response: been all around

Joshua Louis: I don’t know where we are with the search on Brian. I hope Dog is on his way to catch him. I hope that more will continue to come out. Is there anything that you want to say about that and about the situation that you’re in?

Response: needs.. hurry up

Response: figure it out

Response: sorry

Joshua Louis: Okay, I’m gonna try one, one last thing. Final thing.

Response: I speak

Response: very slow

Response: so good luck

Joshua Louis: Okay, I’m gonna shut this off. This morning in meditation. I felt like I saw Christ. I felt like I saw my guru and it felt like you were saying like that something was happening with you. And it wasn’t bad. It was a good thing. I don’t know. Was there any anything you want to say about that? Is that true?

Response: being there for me…

Joshua Louis: Is there anything that you want to say? Let me ask you I know I asked you I say “Where have you been?” You know, you say you know “all around”. Are you visiting your parents and your friends as well?

Response: completely shut out

Response: all drama

Joshua Louis: Okay, tonight I’m going to think of you and spend time with you. I’m going to connect with you and I’m going to pray with you again. I’ve been praying for you every day. I’ve been praying for you every day. And I’m going to pray for you again and I am going to keep doing so until you tell me that you’re okay and that, you know, you’re not here any longer or that you’ve moved on, moved up… okay? That is what I’m going to do… that’s my plan, okay?

Response: I told Angie

Caption Text: (Angie is a soul helper on the other side)

Joshua Louis: Okay. Alright, thank you

Caption Text: Oct 6th – 7th, 2021

Joshua Louis: Today when asking for you earlier, it sounded like… it sounded like maybe you were gone already. Are you in heaven? Let me ask you. Are you in heaven? Did you go up?

Response: hard to stay put

Joshua Louis: Are you going to be around still, or are you going to be up? Are you going to be okay and going up? Are you moving up?

Response: oh she’s… coming back

Joshua Louis: Did you feel the prayers? Are you feeling the relief?

Response: your love has opened

Response: …doors

Joshua Louis: What I could say about Gabby, and the connection could fill countless videos and a book probably. I am forever changed by this connection with her, this experience. This amazing soul has showed me so much and I hope that I get to continue to talk to her on some level. But regardless, I want to make sure that she receives the help she needs. Her story is not finished. And if anything more happens, I will continue to update you all. I love you. And I thank everyone who has joined me for this journey. God bless


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