Insane Spirit Box Sessions: Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito Were Here!

The box told us Brian was dead on Sept 19th, and that he visited me It's been 30 days of communicating with who I perceive to be Gabby Petito. The box told us Brian was dead on Sept 19th and that he visited during sessions. I receive responses from Gabby telling me she's moving up and is around God. So many more amazing messages from her and some chilling ones about Brian.

Video Transcript

Caption: Sept 19th 2021 

Joshua Louis: So I’m going to ask now, Gabby Petito, are you here can you use this?

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: he’s dead

Joshua Louis: What can you say?

Response: he died

Response: please look

Joshua Louis: You say “he died”… I’m getting that you’re afraid… Are you afraid?

Response: he’s dead…

Response: I see his face

Response: …promise

Caption: Sept 28th 2021

Joshua Louis: Is Brian in Fort DeSoto? Is he in Florida still? If it’s not meant for us to help…

Response: he was in here

Caption: Originally thought [it] said “wasn’t”

Joshua Louis: If it’s not in the cards it’s not in the cards

Response: have him take Brian

Response: he’s watched a little

Joshua Louis: Something “Brian”… I heard his name.

Caption: Oct 21st 2021

Joshua Louis: I was told in sessions that he was dead. And then I heard time at times it sounded like he was there.

Response: Josh you’re right

Joshua Louis: Is there anything else that you guys would like to say about Brian?

he was talking a little

Joshua Louis: Hey, everybody, it’s me Josh with HOPE. And it’s been 30 days now that I’ve been communicating with the spirit of Gabby Petito, and WOW has it been amazing! It’s been one of the most amazing experiences of this whole spiritual journey. Never have I felt the connection to a soul like I have to Gabby’s. Never have I communicated with a soul as much as I have, and with Gabby. So much so that it’s been viewed millions of times on TikTok, hundreds of 1000s of times on YouTube, new stories were written about it. And it continues to be shared and viewed. People that are finding it for the first time didn’t even know I existed, or this work existed or seeing one of these sessions, and just intuitively feeling how real it is. And that’s the best way to go about this. When judging other spirit communicators and other things, other channels that you find, go with your gut, go with what you feel. I definitely now feel that because we know that Brian is dead, that I feel like he was definitely showing up at this house a number of different times. Some of those responses as you heard that I might have missed tagged originally our are showing us that yes, there’s a very strong possibility that he had showed up here. These next few sessions that I’m going to show you are going to really be a difference in the type of responses that we heard Gabby speaking in the first few sessions that I posted. Those were more of her being emotional feeling sick, feeling upset, depressed and down. These sessions are, even though a little bit more strained with the communication at times, because I think it takes so much energy to do this. I know I feel the drain I felt like she did. She mentions being asleep but she’s talking about being around the light moving up being around God. Thanking me for this work, this communication, because it’s helped her. It’s quite remarkable.

Caption: Oct 11th 2021

Joshua Louis: Today’s the 11th 4:30pm. Giving Gabby an opportunity to give us a few answers if she wants, if she wants to say anything. She’s… giving her an opportunity to do that. So let’s see… So Gabby, are you here?

Response: I left

Response: well I’ll be back

Response: Josh

Joshua Louis: Let me ask you this. How have you been feeling lately? How have you been feeling?

Response: lovely

Joshua Louis: I’m going to continue to be here for you on some level I want you to know that, okay?

Response: moving up

Response: letting go

Response: opened that door

Response: I surely felt it

Joshua Louis: I’m gonna pray for you here in a few moments. I will ask for you again in a few days through the box. I will connect with you intuitively on my own. Anything else you want to say before I shut this off right now?

Response: God’s around me

Response: He knows I want…

Caption: Oct 15th 2021

Caption: Patreon Group Session

Joshua Louis: All right, well saving Gabby for last. I don’t know if she won’t like to come forward. I haven’t bothered her since the 11th. Just kind of let you go so that you can go in do what you need to do and then be able to come back, you know, and if you want to come back and visit and talk I just I’d love to envision you but you know, I don’t want it to be weird. I don’t want it to hold you up in any way. So let me ask for you now. Gabby, this is in the group setting when they ask for you privately and I’ll ask for you tomorrow if if you’d like to come through like Gabby Petito, would you like to say anything my dear right now?

Response: connect with just me

Joshua Louis: Something we just wanted to see if you want to say anything you may not even be able to come through tonight I don’t know but anything else you want to say.

Response: learned my lesson

Response: He is preparing me

Caption: Oct 28th 2021

Joshua Louis: You may not be able to use this today I don’t know you know if if you don’t use it I’m assuming that you’re okay, and that you’re just not in a position and not as attached to this anymore – which is a good thing. What’s something that you want people to remember to know more than anything what’s the most important message you want to tell people?

Response: I miss being in love

Joshua Louis: You know in one of my other sessions it said that you know that you are missing your dad.

Caption: Oct 12th 2021 – Private Session

Joshua Louis: Speak on your own… now I was seeing…

Response: Gabby’s missed her.. Dad

Joshua Louis: Yeah, you’re really missing your dad… I’m sure you’re missing your whole family. Is there anything that you want to say to your family? to your dad? Anything you want to say to them right now?

Response: miss him.. a lot

Joshua Louis: Are you ready for people to kind of let go of this now? Are up are you ready for that? Because I’ve heard you say letting go.. Are you ready for people to kind of let go of this now?

Response: they won’t let it

Joshua Louis: Can you describe what it is that you are around what you’ve been seeing?

Response: I have.. been asleep

Joshua Louis: The sound is bad… How about now?

Response: call me when you fix it

Response: very comfortable

Joshua Louis: Is there anything else that you want to tell the world, or say through these videos to this channel through this box right now?

Response: ???? set me up

Joshua Louis: I am grateful beyond belief for all the work that we’ve been able to do and what we’ve been able to show the world. I love you with a love that I don’t think many will understand, but hopefully you do. You know my father Lord Jesus Christ does and I will ask him for you to keep on receiving that light and know that you are absolutely loved, okay?

Response: I’m seeing your light

Joshua Louis: Thank you for gracing me with your presence and your energy always.

Response: talked with me a lot

Response: see it helped…

Response: …with the love

Caption: Oct 21st 2021

Joshua Louis: So, welcome my soul family…

Caption: Here I ask about Brian and receive some interesting responses…..

Joshua Louis: the approved guides, helpers. I Thank you. I love you. But I asked a question right now maybe you guys can help answer this. Has Brian ever showed up here as a spirit trying to watch or see what we’re doing? Seems like he’s been passed for a while. And I’ve done a lot of reaching out to Gabby communicating with her. Not to ask him to speak with him. But I would like to know any information about him. Anything that you guys would like to share with us? How did he die? Does anyone know?

Response: ???

Joshua Louis: I was told in sessions that he was dead. And then I heard time at times it sounded like he was there.

Response: Josh you’re right

Joshua Louis: I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to share anything…

Response: [inaudible]

Joshua Louis: … to share anything with us.

Response: he’s trying to grieve

Joshua Louis: Is he going to be trapped somewhere? Is he going to have to deal with… what is he going to have to deal with being a soul on the other side?

Response: go a little faster… I use this

Joshua Louis: I’ll pray for him. I’ll pray for him. But my connection is with Gabby. And I feel that I need to be true to that connection with her. My whole goal in all of this as amazing as it has been…

Response: I already said I can’t breathe

Joshua Louis: …could be her… has been to help her has been to help Gabby…Gabs… Is there anything else that you guys would like to say about Brian?

Response: he was talking a little

Caption: I am unsure of this next one

Response: eating poisonous stick

Joshua Louis: Okay… Well again, I tell you that I love you. Those aren’t words… just words.

Response: [inaudible]

Joshua Louis: I really mean that and I appreciate you more than you know. We will continue on with this amazing journey in this work…

Response: Joshua had an accurate…

Joshua Louis: and, you know, I still look to connect with her in the future. And I want to make sure that she’s letting go moving up and feeling better and it definitely sounds like she is.

Response: she’s moving up

Joshua Louis: I will continue to check in with her from time to time and connect with her intuitively and ask for her through the box. If I capture anything of substance you guys know I will show you and I’m going to try and continue to pray for her but let her rest now. I love you guys, and until next time, thank you.

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