New Video: Michael K Williams Spirit Box Session – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

I will say that we never fully have any way to confirm that we are speaking to the specific person we are asking for, but it is my belief I reached Michael K Williams. The responses in this session are some of the best I've received to date. The actor Michael K Williams died from an overdose on the 6th of September and I reach out to him that day. Every question I ask, I receive a clear, relevant response.

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I will say that we never fully have any way to confirm that we are speaking to the specific person we are asking for, but it is my belief I reached Michael K Williams. The responses in this session are some of the best I’ve received to date. The actor Michael K Williams died from an overdose on the 6th of September and I reach out to him that day. Every question I ask, I receive a clear, relevant response.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: If he wishes to speak, I would love to speak with him. I won’t be long. I want to pray for him.

Response: all I need is God

Response: he is standing here

Joshua Louis: All right.. today is September 6th, and it is almost seven o’clock. An actor that I respected a lot, Michael K. Williams, the actor who was in the wire, Boardwalk Empire, a number of other amazing films and other you know, he’s been in so many wonderful things. He’s got a wild story. But today he passed because of an overdose. So I will invite Michael k Williams, I’m going to turn on the SC2 to warm up. I like to warm up with the SCD2. I won’t do it very long. But we will. So I’m going to envision connecting with him.

Response: will come and visit

Response: cause Michael will be loved

Joshua Louis: Looking for Michael K. Williams, the actor who passed if he wishes to speak if he wishes to speak…

Response: so meet him

Joshua Louis: I would love to speak with him. I won’t be long.

Response: [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: But I want to I want to pray for him.

Response: all i need is God

Response: he is standing here

Joshua Louis: I see him wearing a white top like a white shirt.

Response: cause.. you’re a psychic

Joshua Louis: White pair of …

Response: presenting white…

Joshua Louis: white pair of pants like an outfit that seems very comfortable. Michael, I am a… Michael Williams,

Response: let’s smoke this weed

Joshua Louis: I am a spirit communicator. My name is Josh. This is what I do. It’s very unique.

Response: let’s use

Joshua Louis: “Let’s use it”… Alright, there you are. Alright, my friend. That’s all I need to hear.

Response: he left everything to her

Joshua Louis: Okay. All right. So I’m going to switch over to your voice. I’m going to give you your voice. It’s chopped up. It’s it’s not discernible. You should be able to use this.

Response: I’m wearing white

Joshua Louis: Okay, I’m going to shut this off now.

Response: he.. spoke..

Joshua Louis: [using the HVSM, HOPE Voice Signature Method] Michael K. Williams, how are you my friend? Are you okay? Right now, how do you feel?

Response: hurt..

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: they let you help me

Joshua Louis: Okay. I take it that you did not mean to die today. That’s not… I don’t feel like you meant to do that, but that you are going through something that you are having a hard time with. Is that true? Is that true what I just said?

Response: just happy to see

Joshua Louis: What are you experiencing now that you passed? What are you experiencing, sir?

Response: supposed to lock my apartment

Response: where i found God

Joshua Louis: I’m not hearing you. Now listen, if I don’t understand what you’re saying in real time, it’s okay. I’ll go back and I’ll listen. And I don’t you know, I don’t need to understand everything through the box in order for this to work. But I am trying to listen on an intuitive level, psychic level, and trying to hear what you’re saying. Does it feel like you are trying to get acclimated to where you are?

Response: looking for this

Response: blessing from this side

Joshua Louis: What’..s what’s going on with you in your life? At the time what what’s been happening with you?

Response: must be out of… love

Joshua Louis: You know, I’m a recovering alcoholic addict 16 years, I could have very easily OD’d, OD’d and died in many different crime situations. You know, I’m not an altar boy, I’m not a saint. But I know this sinner or saint I am thy child. I’m their father’s child. And my father’s child, you know, so I, we are okay. Regardless of what we live, you did a lot of good things in your life. And so I don’t… are you blaming yourself? Are you okay? How do you feel? Are you blaming yourself?

Response: they were calling this house

Joshua Louis: He seemed like I’m here. Someone to two spirits came to find him to communicate. That’s what I’m what I’m getting from him. Like, I want to use it, but I’m tired. Are you tired? Is that true? Are you tired right now?

Response: absolutely

Joshua Louis: “Absolutely”… It sounded like. So this process takes a lot out of you. Do you have a place to rest? Like, is there what is it that you’re seeing on the other side? If you don’t mind… I mean, you’re helping people by sharing this, you can do a lot of help a lot of good. What are you seeing on the other side?

Response: leave this earth

Response: flew in the air

Joshua Louis: I don’t understand what you said there. Let me ask you… Do you see my guides here? Do you see my guides? The ones helping?

Response: a man..

Response: I’ll meet him

Joshua Louis: All right, well, I’m gonna, I’m gonna end this here in a moment. Just I’m not trying to keep you because I do feel like you are tired. I feel like you are relaxed, you’re okay. But there’s still some stuff that you’re going to have to kind of face and deal with. I want you to to work on forgiving yourself. I hope you don’t hold it against yourself. And if you do, unfortunately, that’s going to be something that’s going to keep you held back is what I’ve come to understand through this research. Again, I’m going to ask you, are you are you upset with yourself?

Response: I actually feel it

Response: if I loved.. crack

Response: will I leave here today?

Joshua Louis: What else would you like to say before ask you one question on this recorder, and then we pray for you. What else would you like to try and see through here if you can?

Response: it’s me

Response: there’s no movie here

Joshua Louis: Okay. All right. Well, that was it. I’m not going to do too much. All right, my friend.

Response: yes..

Response: love me

Joshua Louis: Yes. All right. Today’s date is September 11th, 1:30am in the morning, I am looking to speak with Michael K. Williams again. I had a very powerful session with him. And he definitely came through as far as I can tell, it’s what I feel and a lot of confirmation from him. And so I’m going to turn on the SCD2. We are beginning a brief session to reach out to Michael K. Williams again. Just want to confirm some of the things that he said and give him another chance to speak.

Response: use my time to help me there

Joshua Louis: Of course, I’m listening. All right, well.

Response: showed I love you

Joshua Louis: Well, so Michael K. Williams, I’m asking for you to be here. I feel like you’re ready to go in a way… I don’t know why. Just because maybe I’ve mentioned it. Shut off the SCD2 so Michael, please get ready to use your voice again. Michael, Michael K. Williams. I see you sitting down. I see someone else standing up. I see myself in a way sitting down. How do you feel now? It’s been a few days now. How do you feel?

Response: shame that you left me

Joshua Louis: How did you feel after we prayed the other day, when we did when I contacted you? How did you feel? after praying?

Response: felt good after the prayer ???

Joshua Louis: “Prayer” something? How about now?

Response: I’m still sitting… back

Joshua Louis: “Sit back”, when I asked you what you were going through. He said, You must be out of love. Is that how you feel, that you must be out of love?

Response: always felt

Joshua Louis: I asked if you were tired, and you said “absolutely”. Do you still feel very tired?

Response: that I was

Joshua Louis: I asked if you can see anyone here guides that are around me and you said, a man. I’ll meet him. He kind of feels like when I’ve heard that before. I feel like they were talking about Christ. And I don’t know if that’s how you felt or if it was someone else that you saw. But even after that, right after I said that to you. Well, let me ask you… Did you meet this man? Did you meet this man that you mentioned?

Response: of course

Joshua Louis: He said you would meet him who was the man?

Response: that’s because you missed it

Joshua Louis: Okay. When I asked you if you were blaming yourself, if you were feeling that you said “I actually feel it”. And then I think I’ve heard you say “if I loved crack” or if “I loved something”, will I leave here today? Are you still feeling like you need to leave right now? Are you feeling like you want to leave?

Response: only crack I bought

Response: Jesus wants you…

Response: to love me back

Joshua Louis: “Jesus wants you” something. Or “he just wants you”… I don’t know. If you wanted to say anything to your family, what would it be?

Response: that.. this is what was… that’s all it is

Joshua Louis: Okay. Would you say to your nephew that found you he was really upset? It seemed like…

Response: yeah it’s rough

Joshua Louis: Before we end this, and I go to pray for you, anything else you want to say, Michael?

Response: not tellin’

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: I don’t need.. to leave

Joshua Louis: I want to help you brother. I mean, I care. You know, I mean, I it’s like I don’t care if you’re the most famous person in the world or if they’re if they’re no one knew you. If anyone says the words helped me, I need your help. I want to be there to help them. Alright, let’s pray. Okay, so I made sure we’re gonna pray right now.

Response: was happy

Joshua Louis: “Happy”.. something happy. Okay, so I’m going to do this now. I’m going to pray for him. These sessions are so powerful. They’re so important to me. I value every bit of what it is I’m doing here. Whether you believe it or not. It’s all 100% real. And even though I can’t say definitively, without a doubt that I’m speaking with Michael K. Williams. I believe I am and the responses they match up. I Rather, try and help and do this and be wrong, come to the other side with the end of my life and find out I was wrong and find out that I could have done something that it was right and I could have helped by doing it because I had doubt. So I’m going to take the chance to help. Thank you all. I love you all so very much till next time…

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