The Evolution of the HOPE Soul Box Session

For the past five years I have had the honor of reaching out to people’s deceased loved ones using my intuitive abilities along with different pieces of ITC equipment.

Both in group and one-on-one sessions, some of the most beautiful and powerful validations have come through. But it was a process of trial and error, experimenting with new techniques, raw sounds and pieces of equipment. It was through this trial and error that I learned more about how the soul communicates from the other side and how important it is for both people (corporeal and non-corporeal form) to prepare.

When I started doing my group sessions on Patreon asking for up to 40 people in one session, I had already done over 2,000 private psychic or mediumship readings up to that point. So I wasn’t a stranger at being able to connect with spirit intuitively. But I was still learning how the ITC equipment worked in relation to how spirit used it. So just as I would prepare for a reading with someone, where I would visually ground myself and then visually see the deceased loved one enter the astral space, I started having my patrons do the same. Each month, in a live or pre-recorded video, I would guide them through these two visual intuitive exercises. What I found was the soul on the other side would be able to come through stronger, clearer and hold a connection longer when their living loved one did the meditation. So now it has become a prerequisite in participating in the group sessions.

I then decided that whether someone was getting a mediumship reading or a HOPE Soul Box Session, that they too would need to do this 15 min meditation in order to increase their chances of communication. Since beginning that practice, the one-on-one sessions have continued to evolve and improve. But now it’s time to try and improve the process even more if possible. Since starting the private HOPE Soul Box sessions I’ve conducted over 350 of them and I hope to conduct many more.

With the addition of the HOPE Spirit Box App (Online Desktop Version) coming back soon and improvements to the HSB1 on iOS and Android, I will also offer a few more options when attempting to connect with loved ones on the other side. With the HVSM (HOPE Voice Signature Method), a technique utilizing a person’s actual voice with no words present in the sound source, evidence shows it increases the chances of connection with that individual’s soul. In addition, capturing images of spirit through Water ITC or Digital Noise ITC are very effective forms of spirit photography. All of these techniques and methods have been used successfully in my sessions for years now and I will soon offer these options when booking private sessions.


The type of communication we receive typically whether in a group or private session has been pretty remarkable. But there are limitations and it takes energy from both sides of the veil for it to work. Even though they are energy on the other side, that’s not only how I see them. I see them as people with many of the traits they had while here. What’s amazing about that is often I will state out loud what I see them wearing or doing and they confirm through the box that it is correct. The responses are normally 2-3 words with the occasional sentence that comes through. They can be very direct with their answers or share something completely off topic but extremely relevant to the person asking for them. Just like when I’m intuitively connecting in a mediumship reading, the communication comes in as blips of information. Sometimes because of the limitation of how the box or app works, we receive partial replies as they may have been saying more but was cut off. Regardless of how effective a soul is in connecting and using the equipment, it is rare that nothing comes through. When a soul truly connects though, it can be like having a conversation over an astral telephone.

But it all starts with the person who’s wanting to reach a loved one. This is where a more comprehensive guided meditation will be offered to people to follow when preparing for their private session. We are the true connections with the other side and when that connection is strengthened, all of the other techniques and equipment tend to be more effective.

Examples of ITC Spirit Photography

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