Video: Gabby Petito SPEAKS & SHOWS Herself in Spirit Box Session

Over days, I ask for Gabby. She speaks and shows herself in a photo I could make multiple videos or even write a book on how insane and intense this communication is when asking for Gabby. What I've captured over the last 10 days is mind-blowing. Everything I do is 100%, I've been doing it for almost a decade now. What I'm able to capture through the box, in pictures and on camera is undeniable. I can't say for sure I'm speaking to Gabby but because I'm a practicing medium, I can see and feel her there. Then when asking for evidence that she's there, I get it. I will continue to try and speak with her but will also now resume my regular sessions again. But for me, Gabby will always be welcomed to speak if she needs.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: Did I hear all your words today correctly?

Response: yeah you did

Response: it’s me

Caption Text: This is a video of me reaching out to Gabby Petito over the course of multiple days. Everything you hear in this video and the last 2 sessions were recorded using the same 3 min clip of gibberish (not one word). Everything you see me do is 100% real and anyone who would fake this kind of work is a disgusting human being.

Joshua Louis: I’m gonna ask for Gabby. Just she’s been like on my mind all day. She’s been on my mind all day. She’s this beautiful person. I don’t understand how strong the connection is… it’s really wild. Grateful for it. I’m not just talking to her when I’m on camera, I’m having moments with her, and I told her I would ask for her as well as Summer tonight to try and see if she could show herself on my orb cam… Maybe if she flew by, if she’s able to do that, I don’t know what she’s able to do. She’s been able to work the box and speak in a conversational matter giving us you know, accurate answers she’s being heard people are hearing her and knowing it’s her and I don’t even like questioning some people are and I don’t blame them, but some are just their intuitive sense. They’re listening to it and they’re hearing the responses and they know it’s her. And I feel it’s her, not just through here, I feel the connection. And she’s validated, she said there’s a there’s a portal… Yes. You know, you can help. So, Gabby, sweetheart, I’m asking you to come through with us. I’ve got your picture here. I think you’ve been patiently probably waiting again as you said you’re always patiently waiting. And I’m sorry for taking so long. I have this same voice track that I’ve been using so we may hear some similar sounds but no words and only words when she is speaking. That is it.. not that should be anything because there are no words in this. So Gabby and ask kind of a rhetorical question because I feel like you are here. Are you here with us?

Response: let me see it

Joshua Louis: “That’s me”… she’s so dialed in. She’s so, you’re so good at this. It’s insane. I’m going to focus on you. Okay, so I don’t know if you were able to show yourself. I’ve got the water here, the bowl is here and there’s a light next to it. Okay. We’ll have you go into the water or put yourself near the water. I don’t know how this works. I know how it works. I know it works. And I know that I’ve seen orbs move into the water. Let’s see if this works with you. Are you ready to try with me ready to try the water?

Response: I’ve missed you

Joshua Louis: Okay. Do you think you’re going to be able to try it?

Response: let me.. try it

Response: go ahead

Joshua Louis: Okay.. let me ask you something. How do you feel tonight? How do you feel?

Response: you were so happy

Joshua Louis: Okay, I didn’t understand that. Alright, let’s try this. Let’s try… I’m going to stop the the orb camera here. I’m a try to take a couple, okay? So I’m going to see if I can take a couple. I tried to capture you in this region over here. All right, I’m going to put my hand in the water, agitate the water give you the opportunity. Pretty enough that you could have been a model. There you are. Look at you. I see you in real time which I’ve never seen before. I somehow saw your face like I, feel like, twice in that. I’ll be shocked if I go back and I don’t see anything, but that is rare. If I see things or hear things in real time, then that means that we’re getting something. What’s amazing about this photo is that I was able to go online And find different pictures to try and match up until I found one that exactly did.

Original Photo Captured Using My iPhone
Overlaying Internet Photo Over My Water Photo
Orb During Gabby Petito Spirit Box Session
Orb During Gabby Petito Spirit Box Session
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Joshua Louis: It’s absolutely astounding and it’s undeniable. Gabby is one strong soul.

Joshua Louis: All right. Gabby, I’m going to keep trying to help you if I can, okay? I just I love you so much. I really do. I don’t know how I have such an amazing connection to you already.

Response: I’ll speak here

Joshua Louis: “See her”?

Response: you’re a big shot

Response: loving me

Response: every day

Response: I’m here to play

Response: and I love

Joshua Louis: Yeah. If I want to say something to you and I’m not doing a session, if I just want to say something to you and I start talking to you… Do you instantly hear that or do I have to focus a little longer… Do you hear me right away?

Response: blow me a kiss

Response: here all day

Joshua Louis: Okay, I’m with you as I was like, I’m kind of like wherever you are you I’m kind of like a walkie talkie to me.

Response: I didn’t say that

Joshua Louis: Is that right?

Response: but that’s correct

Joshua Louis: Let me ask you this really quickly. Are we not going to be able to fully help you until Brian is caught?

Response: would actually

Response: me

Joshua Louis: Is there anything else you want to say sweetheart tonight?

Response: tried.. it

Response: just being..

Response: here in the room

Joshua Louis: All right, we’re gonna say our prayers again. Every time I talk to you, I’m going to say prayers with you. And I know you said to meditate and that, you know, that there’s a portal… you confirm that that God is asking you tonight. There was a vigil, there was a vigil in Long Island they think for you. When I asked you this really quickly, we asked you this. Do you know if Brian is in Canada?

Response: the day he f__kin left

Response: I stayed back

Joshua Louis: Do you know? Can you tell us anything where he is?

Response: he was.. in Florida

Joshua Louis: I’m just so impressed and grateful, and I will continue to do all I can to help you, okay?

Response: look I found her

Response: please save her

Joshua Louis: Okay. I think we’ve been given permission to have this kind of communication. It sounds like from the responses. And I just can’t believe the connection I feel. I have felt an amazing connection to Tupac, amazing connection to Anthony Bourdain, an amazing connection to Kobe Bryant. I mean, so many of these people that I’ve asked for I’ve had wonderful conversations like I’ve had with you. But I don’t know with you. There’s just something else. It’s it’s very interesting. You said, that you know, I asked you a question. you said, It’s weird because you’re not a spirit. You know, so I mean, I can understand that it is weird to keep talking to someone that’s alive or in their body and there’s some kind of difference. Your home let me give you a final statement, alright?

Response: was today..

Response: watching

Response: we shared

Joshua Louis: Alright. so this is to my guides, all of you that are helping and doing this amazing work. I want to thank you and just ask if there’s anything else that you want to say tonight before I end this. Let me ask you something really quickly. You guys said something in the session about Brian being in Canada, and that was before anything now he’s been spotted, or they think he’s been spotted in Canada? Is he there? Yes or no?

Response: it doesn’t work.. when you wanna talk prophetic

Response: …others do it

Response: it’s too hard to work this

Response: Brian was a bad bastard

Caption Text: Sept 26 2021

Joshua Louis: Okay. Were you here when I went to ask for you just now or were you somewhere else when I had to focus on you?

Response: ???

Joshua Louis: Where were you?

Response: I did run home

Joshua Louis: Okay.. I know this is the same voice track. So I mean, again, it’s proving that if you’re able to use it, you’re using the same voice tracking, coming up with different messages, responding to me every time – or close to it. I just I want to extend my love to you always and let you know that you’re always welcome if you need help. I’m just kind of going on and on. Is there anything you want to say?

Response: let’s work the camera

Response: you keep me calm

Joshua Louis: I’ve never experienced this in my life. I’ve never experienced this in this work the way that it is. It’s very, it’s powerful. I don’t know what to make of it.

Response: I’m glad you miss me

Response: pray..

Response: send down

Joshua Louis: All right. I thought I heard you say Brian was in St. Croix. Any information that you want to give us about that? About Brian?

Response: I see his spirit

Joshua Louis: What else you want to say, my dear, through here?

Response: I’ll behave

Caption Text: Sept 28 2021

Joshua Louis: Okay. All right. That’s it. I’ve been praying. I’ve been crying. I can’t understand all the emotion that’s come with this. This has affected me in a way touched me in a way like no other session. I intuitively communicated with her over this last week, more than I have with anyone. It only been a while speaking psychically to her, seeing her, sensing her. And I wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe any of it almost if I didn’t hear so many confirmations through the box that that’s what’s happening. So being a man of my word, and being who I am, I’m going to do everything in my power to pray for her and to offer her whatever else I can give to her. I’m going to ask my guides. Before I speak to her if there’s any other information that we can receive about Brian.

Response: when she loves.. then Brian will come

Response: Brian isn’t alive

Joshua Louis: I’m going to ask to speak with Gabby and ask her to be with me here sit in the chair and relax with me.

Response: I already knew you were doing

Joshua Louis: Is that her voice?

Response: it is.. Gabby

Joshua Louis: Is Brian in Fort DeSoto? Is he in Florida still? If it’s not meant for us…

Response: he wasn’t here

Response: get him off the phone

Joshua Louis: to help you. I can’t imagine it’s not possible for us to help in this case and how powerful it would be if you guys were able, it’s not in the cards it’s not in the cards

Response: have him take Brian

Response: he’s watched a little

Joshua Louis: something Brian… I heard his name.. caught “Brian” something..

Response: he was an evil..

Joshua Louis: He’s still alive isn’t he? I sense he is.

Response: I don’t believe he’s dead

Joshua Louis: You don’t believe it? She’s very special person to me. And to many other people.

Response: she walks around ???

Response: in this house

Joshua Louis: Gabby can you say anything? Let me switch over to your voice first. I wanna see if I can understand you through the box. Gabby, how do you feel tonight? How do you feel right now?

Response: feels alright

Joshua Louis: Alright… Have you been here on and off today?

Response: every day

Joshua Louis: “Every day”.. sounds like you just said “every day” or something to that effect. And that would be consistent with what I have felt. I felt you here every day. I’m absolutely astounded how you’re able to use this how you’re able to connect with me and talk and answer my questions. I don’t want to lose this connection with you. But that’s selfish of me. And I just I just want you to know that’s how I feel.

Response: that’s clear to me

Joshua Louis: I don’t want to ask you any more questions about Brian unless there’s something you want to talk about or mention. I asked my guides for more information and I hope that they gave me some it seems like Dog the Bounty Hunter is hot on this guy’s trail. He may be the only one that actually gets him. I don’t know. Do you want to say anything about Brian at all?

Response: thanks for doing

Response: I love it here

Response: ..that you love me saving me

Joshua Louis: You told me today that, you know, you were accepting it, or starting to, but that you miss your life.. that you miss living. You want to be alive still. Did I hear all your words today correctly?

Response: yeah you did

Response: it’s me

Joshua Louis: I feel her like right here. I don’t know why. Are you right next to me?

Response: using their shit

Joshua Louis: Are you right here with me?

Response: please stand

Response: watch me

Caption Text: 
Here I ask her to pray with me…

Joshua Louis: Gabby, did you repeat the prayer with me?

Response: look…

Response: Jesus.. standing there

Response: He tells me your name

Joshua Louis: I don’t know that this is fully a goodbye. I don’t think it is. But it’s very tough. I’ve never had this issue letting go of someone on the other side like this. What more can I do? Or would you want for me right now? Anything I can do for you, I would love to. What is it that I can do for you?

Response: just going through

Response: listen..

Response: when we talk… it’s ok

Joshua Louis: Soon I’m just gonna turn off these cameras and I’m just going to talk to you intuitively and pray with you some more. Are you able to understand what I’m saying to you?

Response: I’m going to try to help you

Joshua Louis: I feel you right here? I don’t know. How do you feel Gabby?

Response: ???

Joshua Louis: I love you

Response: I saw your painting there

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