Gabby Petito Spirit Box Session – One of the Strongest Connections EVER

Asking for Gabby a 2nd time, I capture some of the strongest responses ever! Something crazy is happening as the connection is getting stronger and the communication is getting more direct. I will say, there is no way to tell for sure i am reaching Gabby Petito on the equipment but the responses are as direct and correct as I've seen them. Plus intuitively I've seen her multiple times which would lead me to believe I am indeed reaching her. What I do is 100% real and I do with love and respect to HELP! Bottom-line.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: I need to see you better. Where are you? Where are you?

Response: we’re here

Joshua Louis: I really want to help try to find Brian. But I don’t know if that’s why you wanted to come through. It felt like you wanted to come through. Did you ask to come through?

Response: very patient

Joshua Louis: Okay. Why did you ask to come through, Gabby?

Response: it’s because I’m sad

Caption Text
Before asking for Gabby Petito again, I wanted to ask about Summer Wells, the 5 year old girl who is missing. That session coming soon…

Joshua Louis: I was very emotional asking for Summer. I instantly broke down crying the minute I heard a little child’s voice. And what is equally powerful is this Gaby case and what’s going on and the connection that I’ve had now, with reaching out to her the feeling that I’ve had the connection that I feel is very strong. Yesterday in meditation, there was Gabby, right there in the meditation. And I asked for Christ to meet us and he was there. I’m in today, again, in meditation. She was there. And she asked to come through, she asked if she could come through now. I don’t know if she’s going to come through. I don’t know if we’ll receive responses right now. But I’m a man of my word. So whether we get anything or nothing, I’m turning the box on and I’m focusing. Gabby, I felt you in meditation. I felt you in meditation today and yesterday. responses that we received when asking for you in the last session are extremely powerful. One of those responses you said was that “this is me share it” and I did in the video is reached many. The clips have reached millions of views and hundreds of 1000s on YouTube and there was even an article written about the session and news. So you’re reaching out there you are you are being heard. I’d like to try to help bring the ones responsible, the one responsible to justice. And that’s not out of spite… It’s just out of what’s right. But ultimately, I want to make sure that you are being helped. Again, I don’t think I’m so powerful to believe that I’m the one that’s doing it but i i asked to be used as a channel to help

Caption Text
Using the HVSM with portal.

Caption Text
The HOPE Voice Signature Method consists of using reversed, slowed 1 sec clips of the actual person’s voice. The sound bank has no words in it and is the exact same bank I used for my last session with her…

Joshua Louis: Gabby… Gabby Petito, can you use this again?

Response: I know I’m bringing it

Joshua Louis: “I’m using it”… “burying it”… something “it”. Okay. Hold on. It sounds like you’re using it right away. Can you confirm that you came to me in meditation twice?

Response: talk in your head

Response: you already hear

Response: “up in your head”.. “something you”… That sounded like that, okay. It was it was in my head. That’s where I was envisioning it. I don’t know if that’s the response. Again, I always stand to be corrected on what I’m hearing. I’m just speculating on what I’m hearing. I need to see you better. Where are you? Where are you?

Response: we’re here

Joshua Louis: “That’s us”… You’re saying “us”. Are you talking? Are you talking about Summer and you?

Response: you were right

Joshua Louis: That’s right.

Response: yes

Joshua Louis: So you’re here right now that’s what I’m getting. I feel like you traveled here. It’s not hard for you to travel here, right? There’s a portal of some kind or something right?

Response: and I’ve been using it

Joshua Louis: Yes

Response: there is one

Joshua Louis: “There is one”… you are dialing in, like I’ve never seen or no, I’ve seen it. But this is fantastic. You are literally dialing in. This is remarkable. You have a lot of energy. How do you feel?

Response: very… f__ked

Joshua Louis: I don’t want to repeat what I thought I just heard you say. Very “effed”? I don’t know, I might have heard you wrong .. Again. if I hear you wrong, don’t feel, don’t go “Oh, no, he’s not hearing it”… It’s okay. I’m gonna ask you know where’s Brian? Do you know where Brian is?

Response: he’s… afraid

Joshua Louis: He’s what?

Response: he’s very sick

Joshua Louis: I don’t understand. There was mention of Canada and Sarasota, Minnesota, and I don’t know. But we would love to find him. We would love to help find him. Nothing would be better than you being able to help us find him from the other side. Can you help us find him?

Response: meditate

Response: share with me

Response: he is not dead

Joshua Louis: I’m going to ask you something when I saw you yesterday, and I saw you in my head in meditation. And you know, when we hugged for a moment, you know, there was this this hug and I could feel your body I could feel hugging you. As crazy as that seems. When I invited Christ into the picture, I invited him there. Did you get to talk to him and see him as I saw?

Response: .. send me back

Joshua Louis: I’m gonna ask you that again. Because I don’t know if I got that. Right. I want to give you another chance. Yesterday when asking you or when envisioning Christ there, Jesus was there. Did you see him the way I was envisioning it? Did you see him?

Response: freaking rough day

Response: Spirit said…

Joshua Louis: All right, so I really want to help try to find Brian. But I don’t know if that’s why you wanted to come through. It felt like you wanted to come through.. Did you ask to come through?

Response: very patient

Joshua Louis: Okay. Why did you ask to come through, Gabby?

Response: it’s because I’m sad

Response: I can use this

Response: we’re sad

Response: save us

Joshua Louis: I want to understand more. And especially for the fact that Brian is out there still trying to evade the law and justice. You know, I don’t know… Can my guides help with that? Do they know where he is? I know, they said it took a lot of resources to find you to find, I think, “you” is what they were saying. What else do you want to say, Gab?

Response: it’s too weird

Response: you’re not a spirit

Joshua Louis: Where is Brian? I’m gonna ask again, just in case.

Response: staying with ?????

Response: I see..

Response: he won’t make..

Joshua Louis: But if you were here, like I felt like I thought you said because I feel like there’s some kind of portal and it sounded like you confirm that. Like there’s a there was a permission of a portal given so that you can communicate or come and visit, get help. I know that sounds so weird. It sounds so ridiculous, especially to someone that doesn’t follow this or know this or thinks this is bullshit and I don’t blame them. If I saw this on freaking YouTube I would say you’re out of your damn mind, but we know that we’re not out of our mind. What else would you like to say, Gabby?

Response: soon you can help

Response: God is asking me

Joshua Louis: So is there anything else about Brian that you can tell us? I’m going to keep asking that I’m sorry. Just want to make sure we give you a shot.

Response: thank you for this

Joshua Louis: How about now, sweetheart?

Response: right.. here..

Response: ???

Joshua Louis: I heard a lot in real time so I know that you came through… I feel, I feel that you really did come through, alright?

Response: before I..

Response: …wanted to be a family

Caption Text
Asking on the DR60 Voice Recorder

Joshua Louis: Okay, to my guides, I am going to pray for Gabby now and is there anything that you can say about this, or about Brian… where he is anything? Alright… listen, I just want to say this too, that you guys have done such an amazing job and I’m so proud of you, and grateful for all you done this. This has just been absolutely amazing. And it’s been difficult, but thank

Response: Bri-an will not go..

Response: a simple place

Response: that is why he left

Response: ???

Response: was God

Response: our team’s calling their phone

Response: Brian’s missing

Response: watching.. him open…

Response: we’re helping on our end

Response: ???

Joshua Louis:  Wow, it’s an amazing message… you know, hopefully I can understand it. Alright, I’m going to be shutting this off now. And I’m going to be praying for Gabby. And thank you all. I love you all.


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