Video: Gabby Petito Spirit Box Session – Clear Responses Come Through

On the 18th I asked about Gabby and was told through my ability and box that she was laying somewhere deceased. Then on the 19th it was announced Gabby's body was found. I proceeded to do this spirit box session for her and whether or not we can confirm it was indeed Gabby coming through, the responses were nothing short of amazing. On the 21st, I did another session for her with even more astounding results. Everything I do is 100% real and I do it with love and respect as that is the only way to do this work.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: What happened to you Gabby?

Response: he left..

Response: …me

Response: before I..

Response: …gave

Response: ??? [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: Do you feel stuck? Do you feel stuck in any way?

Response: he hurt me..

Response: does he know I’m dead?

Joshua Louis: September 19th, shortly before 12am. It was reported today that Gabby Petitos body was found in a National Park. Yesterday I reached out to the spirit guides, to the helpers, to try and get some information when she was just still missing.

Joshua Louis: Is Gaby Petito’s body laying somewhere… like I’m envisioning, I’m seeing, she’s somewhere laying… is her body laying somewhere?

Response: she’s dead

Response: Brian escaped

Joshua Louis: And the responses I got were chilling. They said that she’s dead that Brian escaped. They he’d moved her body. And a number of other things that were said that… come to find out… I even received intuitive information. It was true. Unfortunately, it was true. I have now taken parts of Gabby’s voice chapter up into small little bits, slowed, reversed and randomized. To give back an opportunity for her to use her voice. I’m going to invite her and I will warm up using the SCD2 first as a as a warm up and then move into using her voice, and maybe I use the HSB-1, which I did yesterday, and it was very effective. All right. I will focus intuitively.

Response: Summer.. of love

Joshua Louis: All right. I will focus intuitively now… and invite Gabby Petito to come. I Invite the guides to sound off and speak, I am asking for help in reaching her.

Response: was about to start a session

Joshua Louis: “Something session”… can we reach Gabby Petito? I’m gonna focus on her.

Joshua Louis: I mean, I see her but I see like there was a head wound or something. There was some kind of trauma to the head.

Response: only gettin this

Joshua Louis: Gabby, I’m inviting you… I’ve assembled your voice. My name is Josh.

Joshua Louis: I’m a spirit communicator.

Response: Joshua

Joshua Louis: I’m a medium. I’m an afterlife researcher. Yesterday I…

Response: and that’s what’s up

Joshua Louis: I was given proper information and I wish there was something more that we could do before this happened.

Response: he was going to Canada

Joshua Louis: And I am someone that will pray for you. I will ask for angels for you. But I’m inviting you to speak with me because hopefully we can get some more information about when you know what happened to you.

Joshua Louis: Gabby Petito… I’m looking to communicate with you.

Response: one of us can talk

Joshua Louis: I get a fear. I get afraid.

Joshua Louis: All right. We’re gonna go with your voice here in a moment.

Joshua Louis: So Gabby Petito looking to speak with you. I’m inviting you to come in and like I said, my name is Josh, I have your voice and would like to know a little bit more and of course I would like to pray for you and help you. I think maybe a part of you blamed yourself for what happened. I don’t know if that’s true. Again, anything I say is speculative, it is what I receiving on an intuitive level. And of course, you always have the ability to to correct me or say what it is that you want. So I’m going to ask now, Gabby Petito are you here? Can you use this?

Response: [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: you left?

Joshua Louis: What can you say?

Response: ?? died

Response: look..

Joshua Louis: Did you say “he died”? Sounded like you said “he died”. Now. I don’t know if that meant or something died. But I sound like he died. We died. I don’t know. Again, we don’t know where Brian is. There’s a lot of speculation as to where he is. We don’t know. And I would like to know a little bit more. If you’re okay, now, I sense that you’re a little afraid. Or you know, maybe you know you’re upset and I don’t blame you for being upset. Who killed you? Can we ask that? Who killed you?

Response: this is tough

Joshua Louis: “This is hot”… This is hot. Okay. Try and use this the best you can I don’t have any high expectations for you and using this. I don’t know what you’ll be able to do. Most people my guides should be able to help you. Where are you right now Gabby?

Response: don’t wanna accept…

Response: this sucks..

Response: [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: Weak audio there, but that’s alright.

Joshua Louis: Gaby Petito, I need to see you a little better. I feel like you’re kind of hiding or I’m not seeing you that well. I’m inviting you and I mean, nothing but respect. And I have nothing but respect and I care. But if you don’t want to talk I totally understand but I feel like you are trying. Maybe I’m just not getting you yet. Gabby, what would you like to say?

Response: he did it…

Response: with paddle

Response: enjoyed

Joshua Louis: Okay, now this is tough because this is some really chopped up audio. I’ll give you a different voice here in a moment. I just wanted to give you your own voice and see if you can use it. Normally that helps people a little bit better. I’m going to ask you now Gabby, what happened to you? Please try to give us the best answer that you can if you’re able to do so. What happened to you Gabby?

Response: boy is rotten

Response: he left..

Response: …me

Response: before I..

Response: …gave

Response: [inaudible response] ????

Joshua Louis: Okay. Let’s try this again. I’m gonna give you a couple more shots with your voice and then I’ll switch over to something else and then we’ll end it I’ll say a prayer for you at the end. Whether or not you fully came through or not at that does not matter. I will turn the cameras off and I will spend some time praying with you and I invite you to do that with me. I’m getting that you’re afraid Are you afraid?

Response: he’s dead

Response: I ????

Response: …promise

Joshua Louis: Do you feel stuck? Do you feel stuck in any way?

Response: he hurt me..

Response: does he know I’m dead

Response: he hurt me..

Joshua Louis: Okay. If I pray with you, will you pray with me?

Response: I think so

Joshua Louis: Okay. Alright. I don’t want to just ask you all these questions with just your voice because this is not enough voice really to use but it was your voice and I wanted to give you a chance to use your voice. What is it that you would like to say? If you could help us understand anything more about Brian, if there’s anything that you can tell us about him?

Response: he is scared

Joshua Louis: is Brian guilty of other things that we don’t know yet?

Response: Brian was sneaky

Response: he deserved

Joshua Louis: What else would you like to see your own voice before you switch?

Response: this is me

Response: share it

Joshua Louis: Okay. Alright, so this is a mixture of young women’s voices. This is not your voice, but maybe you can use this again. If there was one thing that I could do for you to try and help you, what would that be?

Response: eyes were shut

Response: he knew what’s up..

Response: before we slept

Joshua Louis: Alright…Gabby, I’m going to pray with you right now. Okay?

Response: I know where he is

Response: want to stay here with me?

Joshua Louis: All right, hang in there, Gabby. Don’t go anywhere. I’m just gonna ask one question on the DR60 years and see what we get. Alright, this message is to my guides, is there anything that you guys want to say? I’m going to pray right now and ask for prayers for Gabby. Anything you guys want to say?

Response: I’m really proud of this

Response: calling her lots of angels

Response: taken a lot of help to find

Response: I felt sorry.. for ????

Joshua Louis: So I heard “angels” in there, I think I heard “angels” in there, I think I heard “light”. And if I hear that, then I’m assuming that they’re saying “call in angels”, “call down the light”. So I’m going to do that right now. The last few sessions that I’ve done have been absolutely powerful. They’ve been amazing. The connections been astounding, and I am so very grateful for that. And ultimately, as much as I love showing the work, I want to help the souls on the other side. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. I love you all thank you for being a part of this… this channel, this journey… and until next time,

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