Gabby Petito Update: Spirit Box Session Confirms Gabby Petito’s Death Before News Reports

While asking about Gabby Petito, the Spirits confirm her death before it is reported on the news. I conducted a spirit box session to ask about her and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. Well the responses I received were chilling as what was said was confirmed the next day by news stations. I will be doing a follow up session to ask for Gabby now that we know she is deceased.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: Is Gabby Petito’s body laying somewhere like I’m envisioning, I’m seeing… Is she somewhere laying? Is her body laying somewhere?

Response: She’s dead

Response: Brian escaped

Joshua Louis: 18th of September… a little after 4pm, I’ve been asked many times to reach out and try to find out information about this, Gabby Petito…. her boyfriend, or the guy that she was with Brian Laundrie, and they’re missing… she’s missing and there’s no cooperation from the boyfriend’s family. And now he’s missing… so… I don’t know if we can find out information about missing people. I know I can speak with people that are deceased and we get amazing responses. So I’m going to attempt with my app to see if there’s anything that we can understand. As I’m intuitively connecting to Gabby Petito, I’m seeing her becoming emotional, and doing something kind of rash where she was. And I almost feel like she hurt herself unintentionally possibly, becuase I don’t know. But it almost feels like the boyfriend couldn’t do anything with her, didn’t want to deal with her anymore and, but there could be foul play involved. And what I’m getting is just kind of an initial hit. So I do not know what to think. I’ve got my app out the HSB-1 and I’m going to choose a bank. I got that intuitively that she either hurt herself intentionally or unintentionally she was very emotional that the boyfriend couldn’t do anything about it. Is there any truth to that?

Response: escape

Joshua Louis: “escape”… now I do believe that we can speak with someone soul even if they’re not past but that’s still for yet more testing and experimenting. But of course, if there’s something that we can understand now from someone…

Joshua Louis: [mobile phone notification sound, shows phone] I get a message says “please do Gabby Petito” and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do right now. Trying to communicate. Gabby Petito, is there anything that we can understand about Gabby… where she is? Is she okay?

Response: [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: yes a girl

Joshua Louis: Sounded like “yes I know” or something… Is Gabby Potito deceased? Did she die

Response: yes I helped??

Joshua Louis: Again, I feel that something happened to her where she either hurt herself or she fell down some crevice or some kind of hole and the boyfriend couldn’t help her. He doesn’t want to get blamed for it. So it’s like he’s partly at fault, but he’s not at fault, too. So is there any truth to that?

Response: [inaudible response]

Joshua Louis: How about now?

Response: that’s correct

Joshua Louis: Is Gabby okay? Is she still alive?

Response: yeah.. I told you

Joshua Louis: Gabby Petito, can you say anything? Will you say anything? If you are deceased, can you say anything?

they found her shit

Joshua Louis: “They found the shed”, or they found something… I’m going to review these responses really quickly and then I may continue and see if I can ask some more. Okay, so I’m just turning on my traditional portal as a speaker. I use a couple different things really quickly. I just asked about Gabby Petito on my app and I got a couple of responses that were interesting. So I was just I wasn’t even focusing. I was just opening the app and just kind of asking so I’m going to do a little bit more focusing right now. Asking about Gabby Petito Is there anything that can be said? I see her laying somewhere. Is Gabby Petito’s body laying somewhere like I’m envisioning, I’m seeing… Is she somewhere laying? Is her body laying somewhere?

Response: she’s dead

Response: Brian escaped

Joshua Louis: And like I did see that she fell, she was worked up and then she fell down some cliff, [or] crevice something and the boyfriend was there and that I feel like he might have helped. That happened but did not do it intentionally or something but knows about it doesn’t want to say anything. Is that true?

Response: laying with her

Response: send an air ??

Joshua Louis: Is there any information you can say?

Response: we’re seeing you

Joshua Louis: So Gabby Petito… she’s missing.. did did Brian Laundrie have anything to do with her disappearance?

Response: we’ll see him

Joshua Louis: Did Brian Laundrie have anything to do with your disappearance?

Response: they’ll move her

Joshua Louis: Alright, guys, I’m gonna ask on the recorder real quick. Okay?

Response: make her that flight

Joshua Louis: Okay, so I’ve heard confirmation in just a few minutes worth of recording that I have done. That she’s laying there, get an airlift, make her a flight. A couple things. I’m still unsure whether she’s alive or dead. But I’m going to ask my guides right now. It sounds like you guys said that she was laying there. Is that if she laying somewhere outside?

Response: yes she is…

Joshua Louis: “Yeah, she is”… Sounds like they’re confirming that, yes, she is laying there. Did Brian Laundrie? Did Brian Laundrie have anything to do with her disappearance with her laying there?

Response: no Josh

Joshua Louis: Where is Brian Laundrie?

Response: leave their houses

Joshua Louis: Is she going to be okay?

Response: they’ll all escape

Joshua Louis: Okay… Alright, I’m going to end this guys… I didn’t want to go too long, spend my energy… I know we have our group session tonight. But of course, if I can use this ability to help people to help missing people that are still alive or bring people to justice, that committed crimes, that would be amazing. And I would love to be able to do that. What’s the final thing you want to say about Gabby Petito?

Response: see it…

Response: she’s living in a car…

Joshua Louis: I thank you guys.

Response: save.. her

Response: followed me here

Joshua Louis: Alright.. Alright… I’m going to keep asking about her. Of course, if she’s found or something happens, then, you know, hopefully, I don’t need to ask about her again. But I had an amazing session asking for summer wells. And now I’m going to see if there’s more that I can do to help this Gabby Petito. There’s so many that need help so many that are missing. There’s children, there’s there’s defenseless people that need help, but there’s only so much that we can do. So we forge so hopefully prayers for this girl and the people if there was anyone behind this that they’re brought to justice. Until next time…

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