Puneeth Rajkumar Spirit Box Session: “God IS LOVE… Found Shiva”

Asking for Indian actor Puneeth "Appu" Rajkumar I capture powerful responses. Recently I was asked by many to reach out to the Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar after passing away from a heart attack at age 46. It's important that I say it is impossible to prove I am indeed speaking to Puneeth's soul but the responses I capture are remarkable. Everything I do is 100% real and it's done with love and respect. Because of the person Puneeth was while living, very kind and generous, he is experiencing the light. I felt nothing but a calming and loving energy while attempting to communicate with him.

Video Transcript

Joshua Louis: How about now? What would you like to say to your fans? What would you like to say to your fans?

Response: miss you.. a lot

Joshua Louis: What would you like to say? I mean, how is it, how are you on the other side?

Response: I’m good

Joshua Louis: Hey everybody, it’s me, Josh with hope. And tonight, November 1, I’m going to be asking for the Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar. He was a very well known actor. He was 46 and he died of a heart attack. I’ll be using the HOPE Voice Signature Method. And that is where I take the person’s voice. I chop it up into small bits, and I reverse it, I slow it down. And I feed that raw sound into my box when I feel that I have an intuitive connection with the person giving them an option to use their own voice. It’s not perfect, but I’ve had great success with it. Let’s begin. I’m going to turn on the SCD2, now I’ve said my prayers Alright. So…

Caption Text: (HVSM) HOPE Voice Signature Method. Wordless Raw Sound, Chopped up, Reversed, Slowed Down

Response: he’s already used it

Response: He’s already here I feel like and I think that’s what that response just said.

Joshua Louis: So Puneeth I’m going to give you your own voice. My name is Josh I’m a spirit communicator. I’m an intuitive and medium. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Gurus’. My Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda and the lineage…

Response: ???

Joshua Louis: Just trying to envision connecting with his energy and then I’m trying to see him. And I see him. If you can use this before I actually give you your own voice that would be great. I don’t have a lot of questions for you just wanted to give you a chance to come through…

Response: needs to leave Earth

Joshua Louis: Your fans really miss you. And I am just blown away.

Response: [inaudible sound]

Joshua Louis: I’m just blown away by all the good that you’ve done in your life in the 46 years of being alive.

Response: ???

Joshua Louis: What a.. what a way to use your, your, you know, your fame and you know, your wealth. So let’s give you your voice…

Response: in the chair I sit

Joshua Louis: Okay..

Response: Gabby can one day..

Joshua Louis: Alright. Sounded like there was something else he said there too. I don’t know. But let’s see. Let’s shut this off. None of this is hidden. This is what I do. It’s just raw sound. There’s no words. There’s not one word in what I’m using right now. So this is a track that I’ve created a just gibberish I’ll just show you really quickly….

Raw Track Audio Sound: [gibberish vocal sounds]

Joshua Louis: It’s not very loud. But you can hear that there’s no words in that. I’m not going to play the whole track. But that’s all that’s in there. Sounds like that. Okay. Let’s try it. Here we go. So Puneeth Rajkumar, can you use this? I feel you are here.

Response: God’s got you in the center

Joshua Louis: Okay, I sounded like a response. I didn’t understand it. So I’m like here or something. I’m going to do that a lot. I’m going to guess on what I think you’re saying. But I’ll do the best I can. And of course, when I go back I will. That’s how I understand it when I go back and review it. So this is sound waves. You can manipulate this sound. This is the sound of your voice. You can use this. You died of a heart attack. Was there anything about your death that you want to say and tell me, tell us?

Response: you know I’m sorry

Joshua Louis: What have you seen in the afterlife? When upon passing what have you seen?

Response: I can hear you

Joshua Louis: When we live the right way when we do the right things, we try to help other people use that word what we’re fortunate with to help others. That’s the way that I believe God wants us to live. Have you had an experience? Have you seen God someone asked me to ask you that… have you seen God?

Response: God is love

Response: God announces the ??? ???

Joshua Louis: I heard the word “God” in there. Okay. Are you around your family right now? Are you around your wife and your two daughters or Ashwini? Are you around her? Or yeah, are you around your family?

Response: yes but ????

Response: they’re not good

Joshua Louis: How about now? To your fans what would you like to say to your fans?

Response: look around ????

Joshua Louis: And how about your family what would you like to say to your wife and daughters? I’m not saying they’re going to see this, I don’t know. But maybe others can see this and maybe pass along the message… Anything you want to say to them?

Response: that their power enters me

Joshua Louis: Did you see the light? Did you see God, or your God, the God of our understanding?

Response: definitely so

Response: ??? says it

Joshua Louis: I’m going to just give you another opportunity to say something here to your fans or to us and then I may ask one quick question on the recorder to my guide see if they want to say anything. And of course if there’s any reason I need to ask for you again I will but I feel like you’ll probably be okay. I just wanted to make sure you had this chance anything else that you want to say now… Hold on… How about now?

Response: nice to have a friend

Response: as long as I do ok

Caption Text: Nov 3, 2021

Joshua Louis: So, it is the 3rd and I am trying to do a follow up in trying to reach Puneeth Rajkumar “Appu”, so I am going to ask him now to turn on the SCD2 and just give them a chance to use it on on his own. So I’m inviting him, Puneeth, if you want to use this before I give you your own voice maybe. I’m going to try to envision….

Response: sure.. I’ll use this sound

Joshua Louis: The other night when I saw him my son wearing like a nice suit. But right now I feel like I’m seeing him in like a white linen shirt. And just a casual pair of pants. So it seems like he was more dressed up the other night and then today seems more casual. Again, I’m just envisioning him but I didn’t envision that outfit. So that’s how psychic things start coming in you prime

Response: prime.. pump

Joshua Louis: You primed the pump and then, with a vision, and then you know, a lot more can come through doesn’t always mean it’s right. So Puneeth, can you use this? I’m inviting you to sit down with me.

Response: hello to you

Joshua Louis: Okay, alright… so Puneeth “Appu” Can you use this?

Response: using this

Joshua Louis: The other night I asked you if you had any message for your fans that maybe you can use this a little better today. There’s so many people that love you and are asking for you would you like to say anything to them?

Response: they helped me ??

Response: ????

Joshua Louis: How about now? What would you like to say to your fans? What would you like to say to your fans?

Response: miss you.. alot

Joshua Louis: What would you like to say? I mean how is it? How long Are you on the other side?

Response: i’m good

Joshua Louis: I asked you the other night you know if you saw God, or you had an experience with God and you said definitely so. Can you share any more about that experience, of experiencing God?

Response: found the Shiva

Joshua Louis: Are you going to do more work on the other side? Are you going to try to still help the way that you did? It seems like you did so much work to help people are you going to still try to help people on the other side?

Response: that’s accomplished ???? see it

Response: working with this

Joshua Louis: Alright…

Caption Text: The energy I felt while asking for Puneeth was very kind and peaceful… After the session I said prayers for him. I feel because of the person he was in life, he is in the Light. The journey continues… until next time, I love you all!


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