Why Most People Don’t Believe In Spirit Communication

In this post, I discuss the extreme difficulties of being an afterlife researcher & spirit communicator.

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Why People have such a hard time believing in what I do…

When I meet someone new that doesn’t know what it is I do, I tell them I’m an afterlife researcher and small business owner and leave it at that. Most of the time they find the subject of the afterlife fascinating but many of them really don’t understand what it is I actually do. When they find out by seeing a session of mine, the person normally reacts in one of two ways. Either in amazement or complete disbelief.

I understand the extreme skepticism as I’ve stated many times that if I found me on YouTube, I would have a hard time believing as well. But just because it’s hard to believe doesn’t mean it’s fake. If you are reading this, most likely you have watched me and know what I do is 100% real, but many don’t know that and have a number of different obstacles blocking them from finding the truth. Here are a few of those reasons…

  1. There are a number of fakes out there perpetuating a lie, preying on people’s vulnerability.

  2. True ITC hasn’t been accepted by Main-Stream Science as a viable way of communicating with the deceased.

  3. Misinterpreted bible verses and religious dogma.

Then you have the people that are governed by fear and think everything that comes through my intuitive ability or my equipment is evil. Because of these reasons, I’m called a fake, a fraud, a demon and insane. I would say even though more than 60% of society believes in an afterlife, 99% of the human population thinks what I do is impossible. Yes it would seem I chose the most unbelievable job anyone can choose. Honestly I wanted to continue being an entrepreneur and a filmmaker. I was respected by my peers in both occupations so why would I sign up to be told “I am going to burn in hell for taking advantage of grieving people”?

Well the answer is simple, because I’m telling the truth and it’s mind-blowing. I can’t hide the reality of what happens to us after we die because it’s uncomfortable for some, or an inconvenient truth for others. I can’t hid the fact that almost every time I turn on my spirit communication equipment, I receive clear, intelligent responses to my questions. The fact is, I have proven my work thousands of times. I’ve worked with professionals at research institutes, highly regarded Phd’s and received detailed information in cases before authorities released the information. Shouldn’t that be enough? You would think so but it’s not.

There’s an afterlife research “foundation” out there who keeps sending their newsletters claiming to have devices that speak to the dead. For years now they keep pushing back their public demonstrations citing they’re not ready, yet they keep asking for donations. There’s countless people on Youtube faking paranormal evidence with one popular channel in particular faking every session they do. They don’t even show their face. No wonder people don’t believe in this work. So how do we change that?

I don’t know if it can be changed. All I can do is continue to be transparent and show what I’m getting. I will say, even though 99% don’t believe, the 1% that do believe, that do find HOPE in the sessionsin the videos, they help me to keep sharing this work. The reality is, for the last 10 years, I have successfully connected thousands of people with their loved ones on the other side and it has proven to be the most powerful and meaningful work I’ve ever done. I have gained a connection with my Higher Power, God that is irreplaceable. So I guess I’ll need to continue being called all those terrible names, so I can keep reaching the 1%’ers.

When I first started, and someone called me fake, I’d give em hell. Now I mostly delete and block. Sometimes when I’m feeling real spiritual, I might give the response Yogananda would give to his biggest skeptics… “I bow to your colossal ignorance”. But if they’re respectful, I’ll answer their questions all day. It’s because I understand how hard it is to believe what they’re seeing and hearing in my videos. After all this time, I still have moments where I’m in disbelief myself. But if someone asked me, would you change anything, I would say no. I’m right where I’m supposed to be, dedicating myself to this very important work, showing people the miracles I capture every week.

To you, the 1%’ers, thank you for the support and love throughout the years. I love you all! ❤️

Check out more of what’s going on in the world of H.O.P.E.

The HOPE Spirit Box (HSB1) continues to be an amazing tool for so many. With both the iOS and Android versions updated with new banks, and other bug fixes, the application has gotten even better. Check out this message someone sent me after trying it for the first time. I have received many like this…

The Future of The HOPE Spirit Box

Well as most of you know in March of 2021, before I put the HSB1 on any device, and before the design was unscrupulously copied by a trusted friend, it was an online version. It was this version that I feel operated on the highest level and was the easiest for the spirits to use. It is because of this I am bringing back the online version for laptops and desktop computers. Now since I offered the mobile version for Free, I will offer the online version as a Pro version that people will get to upload their own sound sources, will have a log in and have access to a number of other amazing features. So stay tuned for that, I will release more info as it becomes available. I’m excited as this was the original program that took 9 months to develop. It is the most effective ITC program that I have ever used that allows for clear, direct spirit communication.

New interviews I’ve done recently…

I continue to get the opportunities to talk to wonderful people all over the world about what I do. It is such blessing to be able to reach more people with these in-depth interviews and in the process I get to learn from each interviewer as they have abilities themselves. Check out some of the recent talks I’ve had on the subject of the Afterlife and Spirit Communication.

Other Places To Find H.O.P.E.

I feel like an old dog learning new tricks sometimes when it comes to social media and technology but I have managed to reach more people on different platforms. I have to admit as tough as it’s been to keep up it’s been really cool.

unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)

I do look forward to seeing some of you in New Orleans, LA soon for the HOPE Afterlife Experience. I will have more to share as that event unfolds. There are also more events currently being planned for other cities, along with new classes being listed in the coming months.

For anyone looking for my book, here is a post with more information about Finding HOPE In The Afterlife. Click here to book Private or Group Sessions to reach loved ones. Thank you for all of your support.

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